Application Performance Monitoring: What's in It for Your Business?

Application Performance Monitoring: What's in It for Your Business?

Application Performance Monitoring is not a new term in the technology industry, particularly for businesses whose services are increasingly reliant on apps. However, in this internet age, the portion of an application does more than only support business continuity. Instead, the application's role has evolved into the business itself.

It's no surprise that in order to maintain excellent service quality, organizations must provide their customers with a seamless application user experience. Additionally, with increasing customer knowledge and demand, businesses must be able to preserve their loyalty by ensuring their apps run properly at all times with Application Performance Monitoring.

This article will go into further details about what Application Performance Monitoring is and why it is essential for businesses whose main services are application-centric. For more information, see the details below.

What’s Application Performance Monitoring?

Application Performance Monitoring (APM) is a set of tools and processes designed to help IT teams and application developers ensure that their apps operate and meet quality standards.

User experience, application dependence, and business transactions are all tracked by the Application Monitoring system. Performance monitoring tools are used to give administrators the data they need to promptly detect, isolate and resolve issues that might negatively affect application performance.

Why Your Organization Needs Application Performance Monitoring?

If business does not have an Application Performance Monitoring solution, their IT team will have a more difficult time identifying issues in the application.

As a result, the user experience will be hampered by disruptions that the IT team cannot anticipate. If this occurs on a regular basis, customer satisfaction and the quality of their experience may suffer, thereby damaging the company's reputation.

IT teams may readily spot issues that occur before they have a direct impact on application users by using the right Application Performance Monitoring solution. Other stated benefits include less downtime, improved user experience, increased productivity, and better cybersecurity management.

Elastic’s Application Performance Monitoring Solutions

                               Elastic Application Performance Monitoring Solution

In order to better monitor application performance, businesses can make use of Elastic's Application Performance Monitoring solutions. With correlated traces, logs, and analytics, solutions from Elastic can more rapidly detect and address the root cause of problems.

The extensive support for popular programming languages, OpenTelemetry, and distributed tracing will help businesses better understand their applications. To integrate infrastructure and application metadata, Elastic solutions utilize machine learning to spot anomalies and suspicious behavior. A few of the Elastic Application Performance Monitoring solution's best features include the following.

Improve Code Quality with End-to-End Distributed Tracing

Distributed transactions spanning from microservice to monolithic architectures can be captured and analyzed. For faster analysis to reduce downtime and improve user experience and satisfaction, check at every layer of the application stack from the user up through enriched transaction metadata, including deployment markers.

Tag every transaction with user metadata to make analysis easy and gain useful information. Additional dials allow organizations to scale up or down the amount of transaction data they have stored, analyzed, and searched, as well as a completely scalable and adaptable architecture with complete fidelity.

Identify Issues Rapidly

Elastic's visual representations of all types of dependencies, including cloud, messaging, data storage, and third-party services and their data performance, allow businesses to identify performance issues more rapidly. Organizations also look at the different patterns and data in order to perform more in-depth analysis.

Anomaly Detection Automation

Businesses can make it easier for DevOps and SRE teams to investigate microservices and distributed architectures. Uses machine learning and latency and error correlation to detect problems, even occasional ones, more quickly than with traditional monitoring tools.

Deploy and Accelerate Easily

With continuous visibility during new or "blue vs green" deployments, businesses can identify and quantify changes in application performance. They can also isolate the source of the problem, narrowing it down to problematic releases, versions, or nodes, thanks to contextual tracking, logs, and metrics. Observability is also available to enable Application Performance Monitoring and visibility from the pipeline to the production environment.


Open standards such as OpenTelemetry, W3C trace context, and Jaeger are supported by Application Performance Monitoring solutions, allowing organizations to easily ingest application telemetry data collected by OpenTelemetry agents.

OpenTelemetry and open standard data sources show a return on investment in future business observability, providing maximum flexibility while cutting the cost of future integration efforts.

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Get Elastic’s Application Performance Monitoring from Virtus

Virtus, Elastic's official partner in Indonesia, provides Application Performance Monitoring solutions to help your business in continuing to develop stable and high-quality applications that can always meet customer expectations and enhance user experience.

Virtus will support you every step of the way, from consulting to post-sale support, while implementing an Elastic solution. Whenever you work with us, you won't have to waste time and resources figuring out what works and what doesn't when deploying Application Performance Monitoring solutions. For further information, please contact us at

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