Can Hotel WiFi Really Boost Guest Loyalty and Occupancy? Find Out Here!

Hotel WiFi has become one of the essential amenities influencing a property’s occupancy rate. According to the annual report from Hospitality Technology magazine, supported by Comcast Business, 84 percent of hotel guests consider the availability of free WiFi when choosing where to stay. 

Simply put, having reliable and fast WiFi in hotels not only helps business travelers stay productive during their trips but also enhances the overall guest experience. 

To delve further into the ins and outs of hotel WiFi, you can read this article that discusses the benefits, challenges, and several tips to help you easily improve a reliable and fast WiFi network service for the hospitality industry. 

Why Can Hotel WiFi Improve Guest Loyalty and Experience?

Mengapa WiFi Hotel Bisa Tingkatkan Loyalitas dan Pengalaman Tamu

Hotel WiFi plays a crucial role in enhancing guest loyalty and experience by meeting the needs and expectations of modern guests who are increasingly digitally connected. Here are several reasons why hotel WiFi is key to improving guest loyalty and experience: 

Easy Access

Guests expect easy and fast access to the internet when staying at a hotel. By providing reliable and fast WiFi, hotels can meet guests’ needs to connect with family, friends, or work without any hassles. 

Guest Productivity

For business travelers, having good WiFi enables them to stay productive during their trip. This can include sending emails, accessing files, or even attending online meetings. 

Better Stay Experience

Good WiFi availability not only directly affects the guest experience but also indirectly. Guests satisfied with technological amenities like WiFi tend to leave more positive reviews and are more likely to return in the future. 

Customer Loyalty 

In the highly competitive hospitality industry, providing good WiFi can be a deciding factor in retaining customers. Guests who are satisfied with the availability of WiFi are more likely to return and recommend the hotel to others. 

Technological Advances

With the increasing number of devices connected to the internet, such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops, WiFi has become an indispensable need for many guests. Hotels that fail to meet these expectations risk losing the opportunity to retain or attract guests. 

Challenges Hotels Face with Network Availability

Besides its benefits, the hospitality industry often faces several challenges related to WiFi network availability that can affect guest experience and hotel operations, such as: 

Capacity and Signal Strength

Hotels often have many guests using WiFi simultaneously, which can lead to capacity overload and a decrease in network speed. This challenge requires a network infrastructure capable of handling high loads and strategically placed access points to ensure adequate signal strength throughout the hotel. 

Network Security

Network security is a major concern for hotels, given the sensitivity of guests’ personal and financial data stored and processed through the network. Hotels need to implement strong security measures, such as data encryption and secure authentication, to protect guests and themselves from security threats like hacking or data theft. 

Implementation and Maintenance Costs

The initial investment in reliable network infrastructure and proper security can be very high for hotels, and the costs of maintaining and upgrading technology can be a significant additional burden. This challenge requires careful budget planning and consideration of long-term technology management strategies. 

High Dependence

The increasing reliance of guests on WiFi can put pressure on hotels to provide uninterrupted service around the clock. This requires effective risk management and contingency planning to address unexpected network outages. 

Overcoming these challenges requires a strong commitment from hotels to deliver a superior WiFi experience for guests while maintaining network security and stability. 

If you’re still unsure about choosing the right WiFi solution for your hotel business, Ruckus Access Points could be the perfect choice. This solution provides high-quality WiFi networks, easy scalability, and intelligent traffic management. 

Ruckus Access Points Provide the Best WiFi Solution for Hotels

Ruckus Networks is a Smart WiFi technology company known for its extensive coverage, quality, and quick adaptation to changing environments. Ruckus Wireless has proven itself as a pioneer in the wireless industry, offering greater bandwidth capacity compared to competitors. 

Ruckus’ Smart WiFi technology has successfully connected over one million devices with access points. This solution is widely used by hospitality companies, such as hotels, due to its advanced carrier-grade Smart WiFi technology that can distribute large data simultaneously with high-definition IP. 

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Features of Ruckus Access Points

Ruckus Networks has robust access point products that withstand various conditions while also featuring advanced technology to solve common wireless connection issues. Here are some features of Ruckus Access Points: 

Strong Signal Without Interference 

Thanks to BeamFlex Adaptive Antenna technology, Ruckus Networks can send stronger signals with wider coverage even in the most challenging environments. These environments include those surrounded by materials that can reflect or block wireless signals, such as concrete walls. The SmartMesh technology also helps distribute the signal evenly and comprehensively. 

Stable Connection Despite Heavy Usage

When many devices are in the same place, device density becomes high, and all devices will compete for connection pathways. Ruckus’ ChannelFly technology, equipped with machine learning, helps devices choose the least crowded channels so all devices can remain stably connected. 

Airtime Fairness and Band Balancing Technology

Ensures that each device receives the same speed or as needed. Connected but inactive devices will not be prioritized for bandwidth overactive devices. 

Adjusting Application Needs with SmartCast 

Wireless connection issues aren’t just about how many devices are connected but also what applications are used. SmartCast technology, aided by Airtime Prioritization, will prioritize applications with large bandwidth needs, such as video calls or video conferences, over chat applications. 

Types of Ruckus Access Point Solutions Suitable for the Hospitality Business

Tipe Solusi Ruckus Access Point yang Cocok Digunakan dalam Bisnis Perhotelan

After discussing the features, here are some types of Ruckus Access Point solutions suitable for the hospitality business: 

Indoor Access Points

The H350 and H550 indoor access points feature Ruckus BeamFlex+ technology, which provides stronger device signals by adapting to the orientation and location of moving devices. The H350 is ideal for hospitality businesses as it provides reliable hidden wireless connectivity for video, wireless IP phones, and internet data access. Additionally, this model offers extra switch ports that can be used for wired network needs such as VoIP phones and IPTV. Meanwhile, the H550 uses the same standard. However, this model offers more switch ports, making it suitable for higher wired network needs. 

SmartZone Control and Management

First launched in 2015, controllers with SmartZoneOS combine scalability, tiered multi-tenancy, flexible architecture, and complete API in a single centralized element. These features help hotel management providers implement complex, multi-tier, and as-a-service business models using their own management applications. Operators can also manage large-scale customer data traffic while integrating traffic flows and network data into an existing network architecture. 

Get Ruckus Access Point Solutions at Virtus

It’s time to use Ruckus access point solutions to optimize your business’s internet network. Ruckus, with its Smart WiFi technology support, has proven to provide you with wider, higher quality, and fast-adapting internet coverage for indoor and outdoor network needs. 

Virtus, as Ruckus Networks’ official value-added distributor, will help your business utilize indoor access point solutions from consultation, migration, implementation, to maintenance. Certified Virtus professional IT teams will help resolve technical issues 24/7. Contact us here for more detailed information about Ruckus Access Point Solutions. 

Author: Ary Adianto
CTI Group Content Writer 

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