Here’s The Reason Data Security Should Be a Top Business Priority

Here’s The Reason Data Security Should Be a Top Business Priority

The role of data security cannot be ignored in the digital age. Today, data is a valuable asset for individuals and businesses, containing personal, financial, and strategic information. Strong data security not only protects privacy, but also prevents financial loss, identity theft, and reputational damage.  

In addition, the importance of data security is driven not only by the growth of cyber threats, but also by increasingly stringent data privacy regulations. As a result, organizations must invest sufficient resources to ensure that their data is secure and meets applicable regulatory standards.   

In this article, Virtus will explore why data security is so important in the digital world, especially for organizations or businesses that store a lot of sensitive data. Read the explanation below. 

What is Data Security?

Data security is the practices and measures used to protect data from unauthorized or unauthorized access, use, modification, or disclosure. The key purpose of data security is to ensure that sensitive or valuable data remains secure and does not fall into the wrong hands.   

When properly implemented, data security not only protects business information assets from cybercriminal activity, but also from internal threats and human error, which are still the leading causes of data breaches today. 

Data security involves various strategies, technologies, and policies to reduce the risks associated with data loss or misuse. Ideally, the tools used will have implemented protection systems such as encryption, data masking, and modification of sensitive files, as well as automated reporting for regulatory compliance. 

Why is Data Security Important for Businesses in the Digital Age?

It is undeniable that in the digital age, businesses are vulnerable to various cyber threats such as hacking, malware, and phishing. Data security is the first line of defense against these attacks. Data loss or leakage of sensitive information can certainly damage a company's reputation, cause huge financial losses, and lead to loss of customer trust.  

On the other hand, cyber threats are no longer a figment of our imagination. Many countries have enacted strict data protection regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe, the California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA), and Personal Data Protection Law (PDP Law). Companies that fail to comply with these regulations can face significant fines.  

 5 Ways to Keep Data Secure from Cyber Threats

Keeping your data secure and protected is a top priority in the ever-evolving digital age. Here are five ways to do it.  

  • Monitor data activity and accelerate audit reporting  

  • Encrypt sensitive data to prevent unauthorized access  

  • Integrate discovery and classification of structured and unstructured data  

  • Identify vulnerabilities in your data environment to address potential security risks  

  • Centralize and simplify encryption key management to protect encrypted data  

In addition, remember that data breaches can also be caused by distributed data storage, such as in the cloud, SaaS applications, or on endpoints. This method of storage makes it easier for hackers to find security holes to access sensitive data spread across multiple data centers and data storage in the cloud. 

To overcome this, organizations need a comprehensive data security solution that can be deployed on-premises or in the hybrid cloud. By doing so, organizations can gain greater visibility and insight to combat cyber threats, fully control access in real time, and meet regulatory compliance requirements.  

To make it easier for you to maintain data security, the PowerProtect Cyber Recovery solution from Dell Technologies may be the right choice. This solution helps you protect your business data and respond more effectively to cyber threats. 

Dell PowerProtect Cyber Recovery, the Right Solution to Protect Data from Cyber Threats 

Dell PowerProtect Cyber Recovery is a comprehensive and integrated solution designed to address the complex challenges posed by cyber threats. This solution combines innovative technology and best practices to help organizations effectively address, respond to and recover from cyber threats.  

Developed by Dell Technologies, this solution can help organizations maintain business continuity and protect sensitive data. Best of all, Dell PowerProtect Cyber Recovery integrates with existing security solutions and IT infrastructure to simplify management and minimize complexity.   

3 Essential Elements of Dell PowerProtect Cyber Recovery


Based on the principle that “a cyber-attack is not a matter of "if" but "when", Dell Cyber Recovery combines hardware, software and services to create an integrated solution that provides data protection and efficient data recovery capabilities with three key elements.  

1. Isolation

Separation of data between vault and production offline.   

2. Immutability

Provides a retention lock to maintain the integrity of critical data by ensuring it cannot be deleted, changed, or modified until a specified period of time. 

3. Intelligence

Equipped with CyberSense, software that can analyze and ensure that data manipulation and anomalies do not occur. 


Dell PowerProtect Cyber Recovery Features and Benefits

As an advanced solution designed to help businesses protect their data from cyber threats, here are eight features and benefits of Dell PowerProtect Cyber Recovery.  

1. Air Gap Protection   

By creating a physical separation between the production and backup environments, this feature ensures that your critical data remains safe from cyber threats and cannot reach the backup data location, even if attacks successfully penetrate the network.   

2. Immutable Copies 

Once data is backed up, it cannot be altered, deleted, or encrypted by cybercriminals. This ensures the integrity of the backup and allows systems and data to be restored to a previous state.  

3. Automated Isolation and Analysis  

Automatically isolate systems affected by cyber threats to prevent the spread of threats. Then analyze and identify the source of the attack and determine the scope of the attack for a more effective response.  

4. Frequent Recovery Point

Allows you to recover data from multiple points in time, as some cyber threats can remain undetected for a long period of time. This feature also comes with various recovery options to ensure minimal data loss.  

5. Integration with Security Ecosystem   

Integrates with other Dell security solutions and products to enhance your organization's ability to detect and respond to cyber threats in real time.  

6. Compliance and Reporting

Simplify the reporting process and ensure your organization is compliant with robust reporting and audit trails.  

7. Reduced Downtime 

Minimize downtime in the event of an attack with rapid recovery capabilities.  

8. Scalability

Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, you can customize data protection to meet your business needs. 

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Learn More About Dell PowerProtect Cyber Recovery with the Virtus Expert Team  

Protect your business data from cyber threats and recover quickly after an incident with Dell PowerProtect Cyber Recovery. As an authorized partner of Dell Technologies, Virtus Technology Indonesia (VTI) is ready to help you improve business security and overcome other digital challenges.   

With a qualified and certified IT team, VTI can help you implement Dell PowerProtect Cyber Recovery solutions quickly and flexibly.  Don't hesitate to contact us today to discuss your business IT needs. For more information on Dell PowerProtect Cyber Recovery, contact our team by clicking here.   

Author: Wilsa Azmalia Putri  

Content Writer of CTI Group 

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