Importance of Data Protection in Safeguarding Applications Against Cyber-attacks

Importance of Data Protection in Safeguarding Applications Against Cyber-attacks

Cyber-attacks represent a substantial threat that cannot be underestimated. To put it into perspective, according to Interpol data, Indonesia endured 1.3 million cyber-attacks throughout 2021. These attacks are not limited to individuals; companies find themselves in the crosshairs as well. Cyber-attacks inflict significant financial losses, with businesses experiencing average losses exceeding US$178,000 or approximately IDR 2.7 billion. 

Hence, it is imperative for businesses to implement robust data protection measures to mitigate the impact of cyber threats and avert data breaches. This encompasses ensuring that systems and applications handling sensitive data are backed up, adhere to stringent security protocols, and undergo regular security audits. 

So, what are the viable solutions for implementing data protection effectively and securely? Discover the answers in the following sections. 


Challenges of Data Protection in the Digital Era of Indonesia

One of the most significant cyber-attack incidents in recent times targeted one of Indonesia's largest sharia banks, precisely on May 8, 2023. The attack was executed by a hacker group known as LockBit. 

LockBit demanded negotiations with the Islamic bank after claiming to have absconded with 1.5 TB of customer data. Their offer was clear: they would return the purloined data if the bank remitted a ransom of IDR 295.6 billion by May 15, 2023, at 21:09:46 UTC. 

In response to this incident, the Cyber Security Division of CISSReC characterized the cyber-attack on the sharia bank as an alarming example of weak cybersecurity in Indonesia. They emphasized that Indonesia had not conducted a comprehensive evaluation of its cybersecurity infrastructure, despite the escalating frequency of cyber-attacks. 

In parallel with this report, Andi Widjajanto, the Governor of Lemhanas Indonesia, highlighted that while the global average cyber defense index stands at 6.19, Indonesia's cyber defense index languishes at 3.46. 

This case underscores the utmost importance of implementing robust data protection measures. Enhanced data security not only fortifies a company's defenses against the surging tide of cyber threats but also fosters customer trust and business success. It is an essential pillar in the continuous quest to bolster cybersecurity resilience. 


Imperative of a Layered Data Protection Approach to Thwart Cyber Attacks 

In recent times, the government has enacted Law Number 27 of 2022, specifically the Personal Data Protection (UU PDP), mandating that individuals, encompassing businesses and e-commerce entities, hold legal accountability for the processing of the personal data under their purview. Compliance with the stipulations delineated in the PDP Law is compulsory. 

However, it is paramount to recognize that while the PDP Law furnishes robust regulations governing data protection, it does not inherently guarantee the implementation of an effective security system to safeguard data. Consequently, businesses must employ solutions and technology to ensure comprehensive data security. 

One such cutting-edge data security solution is Rubrik Security Cloud. Built upon secure microservices architecture and hosted on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Rubrik Security Cloud offers advanced capabilities for safeguarding your digital assets. 


Rubrik Security Cloud: Your Preeminent Data Security Solution 


Rubrik Security Cloud is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform meticulously crafted to fortify your data's security. Beyond its formidable data protection capabilities, this platform facilitates data risk monitoring and swift data recovery, irrespective of data location—whether on-premises, in the cloud, or within SaaS applications. 

Rubrik provides an array of data protection and security solutions. It employs an isolated backup system to insulate your data from external threats, ensuring that data alterations require authorization and access is stringently controlled. 

Furthermore, Rubrik Security Cloud exhibits unwavering commitment to security. It consistently updates and enhances security features to align with the ever-evolving threat landscape. The platform implements security controls in conformity with globally recognized standards and frameworks, including ISO 27001, AICPA, and NIST. 

With Rubrik Security Cloud, you not only benefit from robust data security but also streamlined management. This solution is designed to deliver comprehensive and integrated data protection across a diverse range of environments. 

Rubrik Security Cloud's Advantages and Features 

Rubrik Security Cloud is an innovative solution underpinned by an unwavering focus on data security throughout the entire spectrum of cloud management. Leveraging a secure microservices-based architecture and a robust infrastructure on Google Cloud Platform, Rubrik offers a plethora of key benefits, including: 


Rubrik Security Cloud empowers you to effortlessly expand your capacity as needed without compromising data security. 

Secure Data Storage

Your data enjoys multi-layered security measures and robust privacy, even in the most adverse circumstances. 

Secure Communication

Rubrik ensures the protection of communication channels between its services. 

Secure Access Over the Public Internet

Despite utilizing the public internet, Rubrik Security Cloud provides secure and encrypted access. 

In addition to the numerous benefits, Rubrik Security Cloud offers a rich array of features, emphasizing access management via an AAA (Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting) approach to secure platform access. Key features of Rubrik Security Cloud include: 

User Account Authentication 

End users' devices are protected using built-in accounts or linkage to identity providers supporting SAML 2.0. Rubrik also enforces strong password usage and can lock accounts after multiple failed login attempts. 

API/Service Account Authentication 

The Rubrik API utilizes "service accounts" for authentication and permissions, distinct from end user accounts. These service accounts are tailored for specific automation tasks. 

Single Sign-On (SSO) 

Rubrik Security Cloud supports SSO authentication employing the Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) 2.0 standard, enabling end users to log in using their preferred IdP credentials. 

Beyond these features, Rubrik Security Cloud provides 2FA, role-based access control, data encryption, and logical data separation. These collectively ensure data security in various environments. 

Safeguard Your Data with Virtus Technology Indonesia's Cloud Security Rubrik 

Enhance your data protection and fortify your business's security with Rubrik Security Cloud. For four consecutive years, Rubrik has earned the prestigious title of Leader and boasts a pioneering vision in the 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Enterprise Backup and Recovery Software solutions. 

Virtus Technology Indonesia (VTI), as an authorized partner of Rubrik in Indonesia, stands ready to assist you in swiftly and securely implementing Rubrik Security Cloud tailored to your business requirements. 

The Virtus IT team brings a wealth of experience, certifications, and competence, ensuring seamless processes throughout consultation, implementation, management, and post-sales support, eliminating the need for trial and error. Interested in delving deeper into the capabilities of Rubrik Security Cloud? Don't hesitate to reach out to us by clicking here

Author: Ary Adianto 

CTI Group Content Writers 

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