The Importance of Using Zero Trust Data Management to Protect Your Data and Applications

The Importance of Using Zero Trust Data Management to Protect Your Data and Applications

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic that happened over the past two years, the trend of cybersecurity threats in 2021 has shifted, along with a shift in strategy in work patterns. Experts in the field of cybersecurity look into the top eight security concerns and trends. 

Gartner identifies eight security risk trends for 2021 in its report, including more sophisticated and modern cybersecurity (cybersecurity mesh), increased surveillance of security breaches (cyber-savvy boards), vendor consolidation solutions, use of multifactor authentication for identity and access (identity-first security), secure digital transformation by managing identities and certificates (managing machine identities becoming a critical security capability), and vendor consolidation solutions (privacy-enhancing computation techniques). 

"The typical business has evolved dramatically in the last two years. To stay safe, all companies require a defensive posture that is always connected and clarity about business risks for remote users as hybrid work systems grow in the new normal age "Peter Firstbrook, VP Analyst at Gartner, stated. 

In order to facilitate hybrid work, the growing trend of increasingly sophisticated cybersecurity need systems that can adapt more effectively in current situations. Rubrik offers a Zero Trust Data Management solution for your business-critical data and apps to meet this need. How secure are your business's zero trust data management capabilities? 

Why Is It Necessary to Use Zero-Trust Data Management?

Traditional IT security solutions could no longer effectively guard against all types of cyberattacks, such as ransomware, which frequently targets backup systems. That's why it's essential to assure that your backup system is completely secure and protected. 

All users (internal and external), devices, and apps are assumed to be untrustworthy and hijacked under Zero Trust Data Management. To put it another way, require verification at all tiers and trust no one except multi-factor verified users to prevent ransomware from modifying, encrypting, or deleting data. 

Traditional IT security solutions are no longer reliable for three reasons. 

Ransomware Attack Vulnerable

A ready-to-use file system could perhaps open backup data, making it vulnerable to infiltration and making it a target for ransomware attacks. 


Backups are a complicated, time-consuming operation with a high risk of misconfiguration. 

Data Recovering Slowly

Legacy systems are known for being slow, and they only offer a few options for data recovery, causing the process take longer. 

What is Rubrik’s Zero Trust Data Management?

The NIST SP 800-270 Zero Trust Architecture Specification model is used to create the Zero Trust Data Management Rubrik, which is based on the National Institute of Standards (NIST) Zero Trust Implementation Model. According to the National Institute of Standards and Technology, Zero Trust is "an evolving set of cybersecurity models that shift defenses away from network-based static boundaries and more towards users, assets, and resources." 

The DataGuardian Rubrik is at the heart of the Zero Turst Rubrik, and it provides a custom-built file system that never exposes backup data via open network protocols that could enable gaps to be discovered or accessed over the network. 

As a result, data written to the Rubrik's system cannot be changed, destroyed, or encrypted by an attack, but a clean copy of the data is always available for recovery. 

3 Benefits of Using a Zero-Trust Data Management Rubrik

Reducing Data Security Risk

Anomaly detection, ransomware threat backups, and data classification help with cyber threat response and regulatory compliance. 

Automation and Modernization

Switching to thousands of data backup and scaling procedures will put an end to the existing method of creating a single SLA policy for data protection. 

Access to Cloud

Backup your critical company data to the cloud in a secure and simple manner, and expand protection with unified hybrid/multi-cloud administration. 

Why Rubrik?

Advantage in Operations

It's time to automate data operational operations to save 70-90 percent on management time and eliminate manual data backup. 

Hardware is no longer on the budget

Because all software is in the cloud with a hardware platform that meets your demands, your company no longer needs to budget for hardware purchases. 

Lower TCO

It's time to set aside 30 to 50% of your company's budget. 

Proactive Support

Rubrik delivers technicians who provide proactive support to your organization. 

Secured Backup Can't be Modified

Rubrik is the only backup solution that is both secure and irreversible, which is crucial in the event of a ransomware attack. 

Get Rubrik Solution from Virtus

With Rubrik Zero Trust Data Management solution, you can protect your company's data and applications from ransomware, rogue employees, and operational issues caused by human error. As an official distributor in Indonesia, Virtus Technology Indonesia (VTI) can provide you with a Rubrik solution right away. You can reach out to for additional details. 


Ervina Anggraini  

Content Writer CTI Group 

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