Carbonite, Inc. is an American company that offers an online backup service, available to Windows and macOS users. In 2019 it was acquired by Canadian software company, OpenText. It backs up documents, e-mails, music, photos, and settings. It is named after carbonite, the fictional substance used to freeze Han Solo in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. Carbonite was the first such service to offer unlimited backup space for a fixed price. Previously, all online backup services were priced by the gigabyte; many other vendors[which?] have since changed to an unlimited model.

Carbonite offers two separate lines of products: Carbonite Home and Home Office for individuals, families, and one- or two-person businesses; and Carbonite Small Business for businesses with three or more computers.

At one time in its history, Carbonite was named "Best Windows Backup Tool" by Lifehacker, "Labs Winner" by PC Pro, and "Editor's Choice" by NextAdvisor, but received only "two mice" in a MacWorld review putting it second to last.

Carbonite operates as a data protection solutions provider. The Company provides cloud and hybrid data protection solutions for businesses to ensure the data is protected, available, and useful.
Not so long ago, we used to protect important documents with a carbon copy. Then, computers came along. And we started losing data left and right. Now, whether your data lives on a computer, a server or in the cloud, Carbonite helps keep it safe from the common causes of data loss.

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