As authorized distributor Radware in Indonesia, Virtus Technology Indonesia (VTI) provides direct access to Radware's unparalleled expertise in securing digital assets, optimizing application delivery and enhancing user experience while addressing the specific challenges of the Indonesian market. Don't miss this opportunity! Radware offers a comprehensive suite of solutions, including DDoS protection, web application security, network security and cloud security, to strengthen your business against a variety of cyber threats.

About Radware

Radware is a leading provider of cybersecurity and application delivery solutions that help organizations keep their online applications available, fast, and secure. We specialize in protecting your digital assets from cyber threats, making sure your applications work well, and providing a great user experience. Our solutions are designed for today’s fast-paced digital world.


  • Integrated Security and Deployment
    Balance security measures with application performance optimization.
  • Real-time DDoS Protection
    Rapidly detect and mitigate DDoS attacks to maintain online availability.
  • Behavior-based Detection
    AI-driven analytics for early threat detection and response.
  • Web Application Security
    Comprehensive protection against web vulnerabilities such as SQL injection and XSS.
  • SSL Inspection
    Inspect encrypted traffic to uncover hidden threats.
  • Cloud Security
    Consistent protection for applications and data in cloud environments.
  • DDoS Attack Simulation
    Services to assess readiness against DDoS attacks.
  • AI-driven Automation
    Automate security operations for faster response and adaptation.
  • Network Security Analytics
    Insight into network and application behavior to detect threats.
  • Enterprise and Service Provider Focus
    Tailored solutions for both types of businesses.
  • Global Presence
    Serving various industries with a worldwide presence.
  • Application Delivery Optimization
    Tools to improve application performance and availability.
  • Threat Intelligence
    Access to the latest threat intelligence and research.
  • Web Application Firewall (WAF)
    Protect against web-based attacks and unauthorized access.
  • Network Firewalling
    Protect networks from a variety of cyber threats.
  • Application Load Balancing
    Distribute traffic to optimize application performance.
  • Intrusion Prevention
    Prevent unauthorized access and malicious activity.
  • Global Server Load Balancing
    Ensure efficient traffic distribution across multiple servers and data centers.
  • Secure Web Gateways
    Filter and protect web traffic from threats.
  • Advanced Bot Protection
    Detect and mitigate malicious bot activity.

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Reasons To Choose Radware


Integrated security and performance solutions

Delivers comprehensive solutions that seamlessly integrate both security and performance to ensure your digital assets are not only protected from cyber threats, but also performing at their best.


AI-driven threat detection and mitigation

Leverage advanced AI to detect and effectively mitigate cyber threats, enabling fast and accurate responses to security incidents and minimizing potential damage.


Tailored solutions for diverse industries

Provides tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of different industries, ensuring that organizations are well-equipped to address industry-specific threats.


Proven expertise and global presence

With a proven track record and global presence, Radware can provide support and solutions to businesses around the world, regardless of location or size.

Why Choose Radware From Virtus Technology Indonesia


Highly Certified Pre-sales and Engineer Team

Our highly skilled IT team ensures smooth implementation and deployment, eliminating the need for trial and error.


Quality of Services (POC and Demo)

We provide end-to-end services from consulting, demoing to after-sales support.


24/7 Support

Our certified IT team is ready to solve any problem, anytime, anywhere.

Radware Products

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Load Balancer

DDOS Protection

Web Application Firewall

Bot Manager

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