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DELL N-SERIES, High Availability SMB Switching Bundle


While applications such as video, unified communications and internal webcasts can boost workforce productivity and collaboration, they also strain the campus network. To combat this with rising end-user expectations for rich multimedia experience, increased mobility and seamless access to cloud services, there is an intensified demand for high bandwidth, low latency traffic support. However, many legacy campus networks are not designed to handle these demands.Dell's Networking N-Series switches are energy-efficient and cost-effective 1GbE and 10GbE switches for Layer 2 access or Layer 3 distribution and aggregation. Experience the enterprise-class feature that help you modernize and scale your campus network:


Interoperability: Support for RSTP-PV and STP-PV protocols provide a high degree of interoperability with mixed vendor implementations, especially with the release of OS 6.1 which supports Cisco's RPVST+

Ease of setup and management: Familiar CLI and user-friendly GUI provide network administrators with the confidence to deploy, configure and manage networks without requiring additional training

High availability and resiliency: Inter-Chassis stacking enables full bandwidth utilization and minimizes disruption in case of a link or switch failure. In addition, dual hot-swappable power supplies (option in N3000 Series) add power resiliency and the capacity to provide up to 48 ports of PoE+ in a 1RU footprint

High density: Stackable up to 4 units of N1500 to provide up to 200 user ports per segment and  up to 12-units of N3000 to provide up to 672 x 10GbE of distribution ports

Future-ready: The N1500 (access) and N3000 (distribution) solution bundle is built on a rich set of  campus networking features to support voice, video and data communication in the most scalable manner and to allow campus applications to evolve and expand into the future.

Are you ready to harness the power of Dell's Networking N-Series switches? Grab the golden opportunity to join the revolution of the Switching Bundle Promotion available to you now! (for a limited period)

Maximize on power, smooth and seamless migration to Dell Networking N-Series now – the benefits are endless! **


Low Investment Cost. For Catalyst C2960/C3850 network, organization will experience a short payback period in less than 3 years by switching their network to N series switching bundle during the promotion period. What's more...gain new network and reliable maintenance support from Dell every step of the way.


No Downtime. Worry no more about potential disruptions to network operations with our Full Redundancy Network design equipped with high availability to ensure business continuity.


No Costly Mistake or Design Error. The network bundle is designed and fully-validated by Dell CCIE engineer.


No Extra Training Required. Dell is using compliant industry-standard CLI for network management. Most IT support professional and network engineers are familiar with it for network administration purposes.


Simplicity. Guaranteed ease of use with a single IP management system.


Peace of Mind with Mission Critical Support Service. The N Series switching bundle come with 3-year Pro Support Service 24 x 7 x 4 -hour Onsite Service, followed on by a lifetime Warranty for N-Series Switches.

Bundle A: 2 Dell N3024 Switch + 4 Dell N1524 Switch – 96 Users non PoE + Spine Switch

Bundle B: 2 Dell N3024 Switch + 2 Dell N1524P Switch – 96 Users PoE + Spine Switch

Bundle C: 2 Dell N3024 Switch + 2 Dell N1524 & 2 N1524P Switch – 96 Half PoE + Spine Switch

Bundle D: 2 Dell N3024 Switch + 4 Dell N1548 Switch – 192 Users non PoE + Spine Switch

Bundle E: 2 Dell N3024 Switch + 4 Dell N1548P Switch – 192 Users PoE + Spine Switch

Bundle F: 2 Dell N3024 Switch + 2 Dell N1548 & 2 N1548P Switch – 192 Half PoE + Spine Switch


**All Bundles stated above are inclusive of 3 Years ProSupport & Mission Critical: (7x24) 4-hour Onsite Service

Reseller Price : Start From IDR 82,000,000 (Excluding VAT)

*Promotion valid until 31st October



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