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Huawei's Universal Computing Gateway AR650 Wins “Good Design” Award


Recently, the winners of Japan's Good Design Award, also known as the "Oriental Design Oscars", were officially unveiled. Huawei's universal computing gateway (uCPE) AR650—with its simple and practical appearance and its open service platform—stood out among more than 958 global enterprises and 4495 entries and won the Good Design Award. This is the first time a product from the industry gateway domain has received this honor, signifying the international recognition of the design and quality of Huawei's universal computing gateway AR650.

The AR650 was developed and designed by Huawei's own engineers, and is one of the major parts of the Huawei SD-WAN solution. It is designed to provide enterprises with on-demand interconnection between branches and branches, between branches and data centers, and between the branches and the cloud. Through application-based intelligent path selection, intelligent acceleration, an open service platform, and cloud-based visualized O&M, it builds WAN interconnection with ultimate experience. The universal computing gateway supports installation of Huawei and third-party virtualized network functions (VNFs). One device can provide multiple services in a branch, allowing VASs to be obtained in minutes. This solves the issue of enterprise service deployment being slow and inflexible.

Good Design Award Judging Panel gave the following evaluation of Huawei's universal computing gateway AR650: "This is designed for fast-growing market of general-purpose wireless terminal access equipment (CPE) for small and medium enterprises, install the desktop, wall, rack and other different scenes users need to. It is the next generation image of Huawei's access router, using the brand's new device design language, emphasizing "performance", with simple, pure black box weakened "shape", but the use of red lines and corporate logo to maintain consistency. It uses software and hardware separation of the technical path, so that users can install different products in the virtual network function (VNF), and supports scalable hard disk and LTE interface."

Japan's Good Design Award is also known as the "Oriental Design Oscars". The Good Design Award began in 1957, and is an award that "enhances the industry or the quality of life through the design". Each year, it attracts numerous enterprises and designers from around the world, and is one of the world's most authoritative design awards. Good Design Award is not only concerned about the outer design, but it puts more emphasis on innovations in user experience and convenience. As the award-winning proof and symbol of honor, the "G" logo also represents the double assurance of design and quality.

General Manager of Huawei Switch & Enterprise Gateway Domain, Wang Shaosen said: "I'm delighted to see that the product design and quality of the Huawei AR650 has been recognized within the industry. Huawei Switch & Enterprise Gateway Domain focuses on the network requirements and challenges brought by the rapid growth of enterprise services. We are dedicated to providing customers with ultimate experience in enterprise interconnection. AR650 has a simple and practical appearance and an open service platform, effectively driving SD-WAN ecosystem development and meeting the various value-added service (VAS) requirements of enterprise customers."

Huawei enterprise network products and solutions have been widely used in more than 100 countries and regions around the world and are accelerating enterprises' digital transformation based on the Smart Connection of Everything. To date, 197 of the Fortune Global 500 companies and 45 of the top 100 enterprises have chosen Huawei as their partner for digital transformation.

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Source : www.huawei.com

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