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Web Experience Management

Engaging, Converting and Retaining


Customers Quickly and Cost-Effectively

Delivering relevant content and personalized experiences doesn’t need to be a challenge. Overcome the high cost and long time to market of traditional web content management solutions.


The Solution

Progress® Sitefinity™ offers ease of use for marketers and developers unparalleled by other competitive solutions, enabling organizations to get digital initiatives to market faster. Sitefinity is easily extensible and excels in headless or traditional deployment scenarios. It’s your key to rapid, cost-effective rollout of digital properties, outstanding user experiences and engaged customers.

  1. Intuitive Content Creation

Fuel productivity by enabling marketing to quickly and simply create and manage content with drag-and-drop ease.

  1. Faster Experience Creation

Build experiences more quickly and easily with a highly extensible and developer-friendly platform.

  1. Intelligent Personalization

Leverage built-in machine learning to create, personalize, deliver, analyze and optimize customer experiences at scale.

  1. True Multi-Channel Experiences

Ensure consistent experiences across all channels and significantly reduce the time it takes to create mobile apps and websites.


The Business Benefit

Engaging, Powerful Digital Experiences Have Never Been Easier to Create

Sitefinity empowers you to build multi-channel web and digital experiences with rapid time-to-market.

  1. Engage Customers with Personalized Journeys?

Leverage machine learning technology to personalize experiences across audiences to increase conversions and revenue.

  1. Speed to Market

Outpace the competition and do more with less—Sitefinity’s high-productivity approach allows organizations to deliver? campaigns and experiences faster.

  1. Reduce Operational Costs

Save time and resources by leveraging a secure, stable platform for development extensible with your existing technology.

  1. Deliver Multi-Channel Experiences

Deliver consistent, compelling experiences across multiple channels and devices, increasing engagement, conversion and retention rates.



For further information please contact : progress@virtusindonesia.com

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