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Drive a Better Business Value with Cloud Services

Cloud Technology is proven its existence around the world and have significant growth over the past 4 years. In Indonesia the growth of the cloud business is also happening, many commercial business is empowering Cloud-based services which can offer a much easier and reliable IT infrastructure that is specifically designed to streamline business performance and support development and growth.

In order to understand how cloud services can be supporting better business rather than traditional infrastructure, I would like to share about 3 basic advantages by using cloud services.

  1. Avoid big upfront investment.

Example when you use a cloud for your entire infrastructure its definitely not require to build a datacenter, you just have to order those” virtual” infrastructure (server, network, storage) and pay it monthly.

  1. On Demand

When you require additional system, you can suddenly create a new server just like in a few minutes and it’s depend on the payment method on the cloud provider that you choose, some provider can allow you to pay it later (after you use it)

  1. Elastically scalable and flexible.

Do you ever experience when a company having unpredictable massive growth in a short time? under normal circumstances you may need to purchase additional component for upgrade your system. Like memory, disk drive or any other things. An it will take some time, probably the fastest is a few weeks. Or some company can have their default standard operation procedure which can took a few months. When you use a cloud services, it can take lesser time for sure, because all you need is only approval from the owner and you can just simply expand those memory or disk required, which instantly available. If your memory upgrade seems too many after you realize it, you can shrink it back based on your needs.

There are still many more advantages by using cloud services depend on the provider, but those three points that I mentioned above is very basic which probably can slightly open you mind that cloud services can drive your business better. 

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