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Digital Security Awareness



Digital is now embedded into every part of our lives and is accelerating, transforming, disrupting and reshaping the world that we live in. Digitization can lead to new business models, new ways of competing. It speeds the hyperconnected world, in which everyone and everything can and will be connected to the internet and each other, and this create new risk and security.

Over the past year, two digital disasters have pop the internet. The botnet known as Mirai malware find digital endpoints (IoT devices such as cameras) vulnerability which act as an identity and could be used for DDoS attack that knocked of major websites. The WannaCry ransomware, outbreak system that encrypts victim’s files with encryption and then demands payment in bitcoins, in order to unlock and get your data back 

Security today is also complicated by not only new attack methodologies but also by new motivations to disrupt or disable business. This will bring new and different challenges to organizations and it is essential to take immediate steps to secure your organization against this type of malware and attacks. Not to mention that this is zero day attacks, targeted attack and security risk in mobile phone.


Virtus as a value added distributor has comprehensive line of security solution, whether on premise or cloud based, to help enterprise focus and worry free to run the business. Here are Virtus security solution :


With Virtus complete security solution portfolio and trusted technology vendor, you can take advantage not just to protect your Enterprise system,network and application, you can also focus in detection, analyze, response dan recovery.

Virtus provide certified security technical consultant and engineers, Technology Center, Response Center, and Security Check Up to enable you to securely adapt as your business and risk change in digital era.


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