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Computing has always been the key to technological advancement. It is the pivotal force that propels society into a more intelligent world. Realizing this, Huawei Intelligent Computing has consistently invested in general and AI computing that enables them to build Kunpeng, Ascend, and x86 computing platforms. These technologies will unlock the ultimate computing power. Huawei Intelligent Computing provides full-stack, all-scenario solutions for the cloud, edge, and device to catalyze the intelligent transformation of traditional data centers in all industries, leading the way forward to a fully connected and intelligent world.


FusionServer Pro Intelligent Servers

Rack Servers

Huawei FusionServer Pro rack servers series are ideal for cloud computing virtualization, high-performance, big data, data warehouses, and SAP HANA scenarios.

Blade Servers

Enables the convergence of computing, storage, networking, and management. It provides a powerful platform for high-end carrier or enterprise applications. Therefore, it is ideal for data centers, virtualization, mission-critical services, and HPC.

High-Density Servers

Huawei FusionServer Pro series consists of high-density servers that are ideal for service applications, such as cloud computing, web-based applications, and HPC.

Heterogeneous Servers

The Huawei FusionServer Pro G series are heterogeneous servers designed for data centers. They apply to scenarios such as artificial intelligence (AI), high-performance computing (HPC), database, and video analytics.


Kunpeng Computing Platform - Taishan Servers

TaiShan Server

The TaiShan server is Huawei's next-generation data center server. It is based on Huawei’s Kunpeng processor and aims to meet the requirements of diversified computing and green computing in data centers.


Ascend Computing Platform – Atlas AI

Ascend 910

This AI processor delivers up to 256 TFLOPS@FP16 and 512 TOPS@INT8 of computing performance with just 310 W of max power consumption. The massive boost in power efficiency is because of Huawei's own Da Vinci architecture.

Ascend 310

This highly efficient, flexible, and programmable AI processor delivers up to 16 TOPS@INT8 and 8 TFLOPS@FP16 with just 8 W of power consumption. Ascend 310 integrates Huawei's own Da Vinci architecture with abundant computing units, extending AI chip applications.

Atlas 200 AI Accelerator Module

Packaged in the form of half the size of a credit card, the Atlas 200 AI’s power consumption is as low as 9.5 W while supporting up to 16-channel real-time HD video analytics. This high-performance and low-power product can be deployed on devices such as cameras, drones, and robots

Atlas 300 AI Accelerator Card

Based on the Ascend 310 and 910 AI processor, the Atlas 300 AI accelerator card supports multiple types of data precision and is suitable for AI training and inference scenarios. The Atlas 300 AI accelerator card uses a groundbreaking Da Vinci architecture to unlock industry-leading performance and energy efficiency. It can be widely used for data centers and the intelligent edge.

Atlas 200 DK AI Developer Kit

Helps AI application developers to be familiar with the development environment quickly. The device provides external ports for developers to access and use the powerful processing capability of the Ascend 310 processor quickly and easily.

Atlas 500 AI Edge Station

Designed for real-time data processing at the edge, a single device can provide up to 16 TOPS of INT8 processing capability with ultra-low power consumption. Integrated Wi-Fi and LTE wireless data interfaces support flexible network access and data transmission schemes.

Atlas 800 Deep Learning System

Provides end-to-end capabilities for data labeling, model generation, model training, and model inference services. Available with the integrated delivery of software and hardware, it reduces the technical entry requirements for AI applications and enables quick development and rollout.

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Atlas 900

Atlas Makes Grid Checks Safer and Faster

TaiShan Server & Kunpeng 920

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