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Huawei Enterprise ICT Product and Solution Portfolio 

Huawei is a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider. To adapt to the revolutionary transformations taking place in the IT industry. Huawei is continually developing customer-oriented strategies and technologies. Specifically, Huawei’s innovations are extending from telecom carrier networks to the enterprise and consumer businesses, and Huawei will collaboratively develop the cloud-pipe-device business across these fields.



Huawei Enterprise is one of Huawei’s three Business Group (BGs). By leveraging Huawei’s strong R&D capabilities and comprehensive technical expertise, we create an open environment to cooperate with partners in the enterprise business domain. We understand customer needs and are committed to providing wide-ranging and highly efficient ICT solutions and services for enterprise customers of all sizes. Our customers span various vertical markets, including government and public sector, finance, transportation, electric power, energy, commerical businesses, and ISPs. Huawei’s leading solutions and service cover IP network infrastructure, unified communications and collaboration (UC&C) and cloud computing and data center.

Looking ahead, Huawei enterprise will work with its global enterprise customers and partners to jointly embrace the challenges brought about by ICT transformations, build a favorable industry ecosystem, and promote the development of the ICT industry and society at large.


Huawei Making Cities Safer and Smarter

1. Huawei Safe City Solution


Cities today need effective public safety solutions for incident prevention, emergency response, and evidence collection that address these challenges:

  • Surveillance blind spots, unclear images, difficult video retrieval, and data damage or loss
  • Disjointed on-site information and communication slowing response and decision making
  • Manual, labor-intensive queries through stored video files
  • Low efficiency in on-site law enforcement activity

Together with industry partners, Huawei’s Safe City Solution offers cutting-edge E2E security with ubiquitous network access, a convergent command center, video surveillance cloud, and mobile policing.


Huawei’s Safe City Solution provides comprehensive on-site information with visual command, cross-regional resource sharing, and intelligent analysis functions for 360-degree security protection. 

  • Omnipresent network access: Allows ubiquitous access to the video surveillance and mobile law enforcement networks, including fixed-line, fiber, WLAN, microwave, and eLTE access
  • Comprehensive security-video linkage: Links the video surveillance system with other security protection systems, such as the intrusion detection, access control, fire control, and explosion detection systems, allowing comprehensive on-site information collection
  • Fast information query and linked case analysis: Video cloud storage platform offers cross-agency video sharing, and global caching of hotspot video enables simultaneous online browsing
  • Convergent command center: Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) integrates diverse information modules and communications, such as voice, video surveillance, Geographical Information System (GIS), eLTE video, telepresence, and police information systems for cross-departmental collaboration, efficient emergency response, and precise tactical maneuvers
  • Mobile policing: Applies the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Solution to mobile law enforcement and integrates multiple functions into one intelligent terminal to facilitate operations


  1. 360-degree protection, comprehensive security
    Get complete surveillance coverage, collect comprehensive on-site information
  2. Visual command, smart decision making
    Integrated command center combines multiple information tools, shortening response time by over 30%.
  3. Global sharing, fast retrieval
    Video cloud enables resource sharing across departments/regions, simultaneous access, and fast retrieval


2. Huawei Emergency Command Solution


When emergencies occur, first responders need comprehensive information to make quick, accurate decisions and co-ordinate operations.

The Emergency Command Solution helps improve traditional command center issues, such as:

  • Single police reports with limited real-time information
  • Lack of interconnection between different types of phones and trunking terminals
  • Voice-only trunking without enough broadband capacity for video and high-volume data
  • Isolated Information modules that slow down decisions


Huawei’s Emergency Command Solution features include:

  • Intelligent Video Surveillance (IVS)
  • Telepresence (TP)
  • eLTE trunking
  • IP Contact Center (IPCC)
  • Geographic Information System (GIS)
  • Computer Assisted Dispatch (CAD)

The solution provides a comprehensive emergency response system offering:

  • Visual command: Promote better collaboration and efficient, accurate decision-making with interactive IVS, TP, and eLTE systems so command centers and first responders can view and distribute incident video. The system can also display information, such as police and emergency resources and traffic status, on a GIS map
  • Convergent dispatch: Emergency communication systems such as TETRA, public incident reporting, and broadband trunking communication systems interact seamlessly. Teams can join voice conferences as participants or video conferences as voice-only participants
  • Multiple-service integration: Integrates multiple service systems, such as GIS, integrated policing, intelligent traffic control, and reports from the scene for a full picture of events as they unfold. The CAD displays the information on a video wall in the command center for better emergency response

A robust communication infrastructure is the key to an efficient command center and the Emergency Command Solution delivers with:

  • Access from several different terminal types
  • Integrated voice, video, and data services
  • Visual command for fast, smart decision-making
  • Better collaboration between teams and incident commanders
  • Protect and serve, contact a Huawei representative for more information


  1. Multi-channel incident reporting
    Multiple channels for incident reporting enable civic authorities to collect timely, accurate, and complete on-site information
  2. Unified communication and seamless interaction
    Unified communications enables interaction between diverse voice and video terminals; video conferences assist communication and collaboration
  3. Information convergence and visual command
    Command center video wall and data displays deconstruct events for better analysis and decision making


3. Huawei Video Cloud Surveillance Solution

As a critical part of Safe City solutions, surveillance systems require secure, searchable, and efficient storage. Despite advances in cameras, many challenges remain: 

  • Storage systems are costly to buy, maintain, and expand
  • Video stored locally, poor interlinking, and multiple subsystems and encoding formats inhibit cross-regional video sharing and efficient queries
  • Networks need better security to prevent intrusion and protect network communication

Huawei’s Video Cloud Surveillance Solution supports video sharing across departments and regions, enabling remote access, online query and browsing, and fast clue and evidence collection.

The Solution offers two storage options, the VCN Video Cloud and OceanStor Cloud, which centrally store surveillance video, protect video data security, support flexible development, and enable smooth expansion. 

Huawei VCN Video Cloud

Traditional solutions use different devices for video access, stream forwarding, recording, playback, management, backup, and disk array functions. The Huawei VCN Video Cloud simplifies networking and maintenance and reduces equipment investment with an expandable, all-in-one box solution.

  • Each box supports up to 256 channels of video
  • Boxes can be stacked to expand system capacity and interconnected for centralized management
  • VCN nodes in police agencies are connected to form a surveillance cloud
  • One cloud supports up to 200,000 channels of video

The solution manages up to 16 stacked VCNs. A VMU can be added to support up to 128 stacked VCN3000s. VMU functions include unified service access controls, video storage management, video stream forwarding, and intelligent applications.

Open interfaces enable interconnection with other surveillance platforms and devices from major vendors. Distributed deployment with centralized management ensures high reliability with easy scalability.

Seven protection mechanisms are employed:

  • Secure collection features include AES encryption, digital watermarks, and automatic upload on recovery after a network outage
  • Multi-level networking supports both local autonomy and unified management
  • Cloud clustering ensures load balancing and redundant protection of nodes 
  • Convergent architecture significantly cuts fault points and saves investment and maintenance costs
  • Inter-array RAID protection with Load balancing and redundancy protection
  • Intra-array RAID protection works even when multiple disks fail; auto-recovery after replacing multiple disks
  • Hardware protections include dual power supplies, dual BIOS, dual OS disks, independent management ports, and remote reboot 

Huawei OceanStor Cloud

The OceanStor Cloud groups together existing storage resources in police departments into a unified resource pool and features a global naming space and unified management interface:

  • Distributed NAS: Each video file is divided into several parts and stored on different hard disks in different nodes, preventing Single Point of Failure (SPOF)
  • Layered redundancy protection for data slices supports automatic whole node data recovery
  • Seamless, flexible expansion from 3 nodes to 288 nodes: A file system can be expanded up to 40 PB without service interruption — the storage and computing capacity increases linearly with the number of nodes
  • With global caching, hotspot files can be fetched directly from server cache, greatly reducing hard disk access
  • Load balancing in unified domain space distributes new user requests to nodes according to their respective computing capability and ongoing workloads

Huawei deploys OceanStor 9000 storage in municipal police bureaus and sub-bureaus, while S2600 and S5500 series storage is implemented in local police stations. Surveillance video stored in local police stations is regularly uploaded to municipal data centers for unified management and efficient query. 


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