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Gain Insight into Your Network with Savvius network appliances and software.



Savvius products combine intelligent analysis, intuitive workflows, and continuous data collection to empower network and security professionals to visualize, troubleshoot, and analyze the networks that organizations depend on.

Details matter. Savvius products provide detailed packet-level analysis, insightful dashboards, and powerful filtering and comparison tools. Our solutions enable NOC teams, security teams, network administrators, and field technicians to get the critical analysis they need to keep networks running optimally and securely.

Savvius helps close the visibility gap in network analysis.  A visibility gap occurs when security teams can no longer analyze critical events that occurred days, weeks, or months ago, leaving security attacks free to operate in the dark.

It also exists when new, high-speed networks leave traditional analysis tools and techniques dropping packets and skewing metrics. In too many organizations, visibility declines as network speed increases. Savvius closes the gap by providing network analysis products built for speed.


Savvius Vigil

Savvius Vigil is the first network appliance able to intelligently store months of packet-level information to enhance security investigations. With Savvius Vigil, packets related to a breach can be examined weeks or months after the incident occurs. This information is often vital to a full understanding of the threat.

How It Works

Savvius Vigil integrates with your existing SIEM’s IDS/IPS capabilities to trigger storage of network packets. Savvius Vigil integrates events from multiple sources, including network conversations with specified IP addresses. Traffic between relevant nodes is captured before and after the triggered events. Optionally, all related traffic to and from an event’s IP addresses is captured as well.


  • 64TB HDD
  • Optional 64TB Extended Storage
  • 4 port 1/10G Network Adapter


  • Savvius Vigil software for monitoring and forensics supports multiple appliances
  • Monitoring dashboard with overview, storage use, and event management
  • Security Forensics capability, including hierarchical search by date, event, IP address, severity, etc.

Supported IDS/IPS Systems

  • Arcsight ESM v6.0
  • Cyberoam UTM v10.6
  • Lancope Stealthwatch v6.6
  • Palo Alto Pan OS v7.0
  • IBM QRadar v7.2.5
  • Snort v2.9.7
  • Suricata v2.0.3
  • Cisco Sourcefire v5.3


Savvius Insight

Savvius Insight is a mini appliance that provides packet-based network management at branch offices and independent locations. Savvius Insight includes Savvius OmniPeek® network performance management software for monitoring and local or remote troubleshooting and Splunk® Forwarder to send network analytics to Splunk Enterprise™ or Splunk Cloud™.

Who Benefits from Savvius Insight?

  • Savvius Customers: making available Savvius¡¯s proven troubleshooting and analytics in a highly economical, pre-configured all-in-one appliance.
  • Enterprise and Service Providers: extending multi-segment analysis and visibility from the data center to the network edge, including remote and distributed offices or customer locations.
  • Small and Medium Business: making enterprise-grade network analytics available to maintain network performance; enables remote troubleshooting.
  • Splunk Users: achieving superior operational intelligence by adding network machine data to their Splunk deployments.


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