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Our Vision Complete security without complexity

IT security is becoming more and more complex, with new challenges like smartphones and tablets as well as cloud storage, an ever increasing array of security products to manage and new apps to monitor, and ever more devious malware and hackers. Unfortunately, IT teams and IT security budgets are not growing at the same rate—something has to gives.



At Sophos, we think it’s time for a different approach to IT security. We call it complete security, without complexity. Our vision is to give customers:

  • A single security system for your organization – the "security layer" for corporate IT.
  • Better together: Endpoint (including mobile) + Gateway + Cloud working together to protect you better
  • A single pane of glass. A unified view of your security system so you can quickly see when something is wrong and can easily fix it
  • Full security lifecycle. A system that lets you quickly fix and improve when things go wrong, rather than pretend it blocks 100% of threats without impacting the business.
  • Active Protection to connect live to our threat expertise.
  • Less complexity – simple to deploy and manage, removes the challenges of multiple point products.
  • Support from experts – one IT security partner + one vendor who you can call for all your security issues, backed by experts who understand and track the threats, without debating which product or technology was at fault.

And we think this approach should not just protect you better and save you time, but saves you money as well.


Better together

We’re working to make our products work together to protect you even better with less performance impact, in turn letting you:

  • enforce your web policy not just in the office but in your local coffee shop
  • encrypt data automatically as it moves from server to email to laptop to Dropbox to personal Android, without the user ever noticing
  • improve your defences against advanced persistent threats because your next generation firewall talks to your endpoint protection as traffic moves in and out of the network


Active Protection

Our SophosLabs analysts actively monitor more than malware. We watch the things that enable threats like vulnerabilities, apps, websites and spam. Next we package this intelligence to power up your protection. And a constant connection through the cloud means we can fine-tune the intelligence when required. Our products simplify the tasks that take you too much time today and help keep your people working: both your users and the IT team.

  • HIPS rules: We write them for you, monitor their accuracy and fine-tune where required. You simply check a box to turn on reliable protection.
  • Application control: We build it into our antivirus. You choose what you want to control, and we add the latest apps to keep your policy up to date.
  • Data control: We build pre-packaged detection for sensitive data like credit cards and healthcare identifiers. You can block or warn users who put that data at risk.
  • Patching vulnerabilities: We give OS and application patches a true security rating, and tell you which threats they will stop so you can easily identify the most important patches to deploy.


Full security lifecycle

Complete security means we don’t just detect threats, we help you address every point in the security lifecycle.

  • Reduce the attack surface: We address the things that bring risk like vulnerabilities, websites, applications and sharing of data.
  • Protect everywhere: We make sure your users are protected wherever they are and whatever device they’re using.
  • Stop attacks and breaches: We’ve moved beyond signatures with live protection, so we can stop new threats instantly.
  • Keep people working: Both your users and the IT team. We engineer our products to simplify the tasks that take you too much time today


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