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About Arista

Arista Networks is the leader in building software defined, open networks for today’s datacenter, Web 2.0, and cloud computing environments. Arista delivers the most efficient, reliable and high performance universal cloud network architectures based on 10GbE, 40GbE, and 100GbE platforms. Arista EOS® is built on an open, programmable, and resilient architecture that delivers maximum system uptime, reduces CAPEX and OPEX by simplifying IT operations, and enables business agility. Arista EOS offers programmability at all layers, including eAPI, EOS SDK, Linux APIs, DevOps integration (Puppet/Chef/Ansible) and broad scripting support. Furthermore, Arista EOS CloudVision® extends EOS to a network-wide scope as a platform for workflow automation and workload orchestration. As a single network control point to the physical network, CloudVision integrates with third party controllers and orchestration solutions, including OpenStack, VMware NSX, Microsoft Windows Server, Nuage VSP, and others to provide workload mobility for virtualized and cloud environments.

  • Open framework for custom or third party integration
  • Programmable interfaces allow rapid integration
  • Proven solutions with deployed examples
  • Allows best-of-breed integration
  • Available as standalone on GitHub or as a turnkey solution from Arista


Resiliency and Scalability

Scalable Architectures

  • Simplified, repeatable design leveraging open, standards-based protocols. No vendor-specific lock-in to the design
  • Scale to your needs, from 100 to 300,000+ compute and storage nodes using MLAG in a Layer 2 active-active mode
  • ECMP provides an all active multi-path for Layer 3 with exceptional scale and consistent performance for 2 tier network designs
  • Standards-based network virtualization with VXLAN — extends layer 2 to support up to 16M virtual networks without requiring multicast
  • EOS CloudVision offers single point of integration and controller agnostic support for virtual and physical workload orchestration using open APIs such as OVSDB, JSON and OpenStack plugin

Resilient Software

  • Reduced maintenance window with Arista Smart System Upgrade
  • (SSU) through graceful removal, upgrade, and reinsertion of network elements


Visibility and Telemetery

Network Visibility

  • VM Tracer offers visibility into which VMware hosts and VMs are on a given physical network port
  • MapReduce Tracer tracks and interacts with Hadoop workloads ensuring faster recovery in case of a node failure or congested link
  • Health Tracer facilitates infrastructure resiliency at the hardware and software layer to increase overall service availability
  • Path Tracer monitors and detects issues with all paths in an active-active Layer 2 or Layer 3 ECMP network
  • LANZ offers proactive congestion management and notification by providing visibility into real-time queue depth analysis and streaming
  • EOS CloudVision provides visibility and troubleshooting for underlay and overlay networks

DANZ TAP Aggregation/Advanced Mirroring/LANZ

  • Provides advanced traffic monitoring, including sFlow
  • Facilitates precision filtering and flow analysis with timestamps
  • Captures all 10/40/100GbE network traffic for recording and analysis



Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP/ ZTR)

  • Automates provisioning of infrastructure using standard protocolsand offers advanced customized scripting capabilities
  • Reduces cost of deployment and speeds time to production for new services by reducing human errors

DevOps Integration

  • Natively supports Puppet, Chef, and Ansible and extends Puppet/Chef command line tools into EOS CLI
  • Automates network configuration in same manner as servers

EOS Consulting Services

  • Expert advice and implementation of network-focused DevOps tools and methodologies designed to accelerate business agility
  • Onsite or remote EOS-focused development with a team of seasoned network software programmers

EOS CloudVision

  • Turnkey automation for zero touch provisioning and on-going configuration management
  • Compliance dashboard for security, audit, and patch management


Arista EOS : Our Advance Network  Operating System


Arista UCN Ecosystem  : Open & Programmable


Contact Person : arista@virtusindonesia.com

Any information needed, you can contact our team at:

PT. Virtus Technology Indonesia
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Jakarta, 12930, Indonesia
Phone: +6221 80622288
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