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Company Overview

VMware, the global leader in virtualization and cloud infrastructure, delivers customer-proven solutions that accelerate IT by reducing complexity and enabling more flexible, agile service delivery. Leveraging VMware vSphere, the most widely deployed foundation for cloud computing, VMware enables enterprises to adopt a cloud model that addresses their unique business challenges. VMware’s approach accelerates the transition to cloud computing while preserving existing investments and improving security and control. With more than 250,000 customers and 25,000 partners, VMware solutions help organizations of all sizes reduce costs, increase business agility and ensure freedom of choice.

VMware’s innovation and excellence has been recognized by strategic research firms and more than 260 industry awards, including:

  • VMware placed in the leaders quadrant of Gartner, Inc.’s Magic Quadrant for x86 Server Virtualization Infrastructure1 , Thomas J. Bittman, Philip Dawson, George J. Weiss, 26 May 2010.
  • VMware vSphere named Best Virtualization Platform and InfoWorld Technology of the Year 2011
  • Cloud Computing World Forum winner of the Cloud Computing World Series Awards 2010 for the Best Virtualization Product or Service


The Problems We Solve

Business stakeholders pressure IT to be more responsive and flexible, while IT is challenged to be more efficient and control costs. Today, IT organizations spend more than 70 percent of their resources on maintenance, leaving less than 30 percent for value-added and strategic projects, according to Forrester Research.

IT teams need to move to a more efficient, agile service delivery model that supports business needs. They want to take advantage of the flexibility and low cost of cloud computing while preserving existing investments but are concerned about maintaining security, control, compliance and quality of service. IT teams are also challenged by the growing complexity and proliferation of end-user computing environments, applications and devices, all of which consume a significant portion of their operational capacity and add to their control and manageability concerns.

Intense competitive pressure has also driven the need for rapid application development and deployment. However, most application platforms lack the flexibility and scalability that modern applications require, nor do they provide the manageability and control that enterprise IT needs. Internal IT teams also face new competition from public cloud offerings that deliver on-demand, inexpensive, self-service compute capacity, which business stakeholders are seeking out as accessible, low-cost computing alternatives outside the enterprise.

Every cloud vendor is promising a path to the cloud, but most of their solutions are not scalable and lock customers into proprietary models. As organizations transition to cloud computing, they need a cloud vendor who will help them leverage existing investments and create a tailored approach that will meet their unique business challenges today and into the future.

Developers trust VMware solutions to modernize today’s applications and build robust cloud-ready applications for the future. VMware empowers the end users to access their application and data anywhere, anytime while IT administrators maintain control and security.

VMware solutions are based on open standards and leveraged by a large ecosystem of public cloud service providers, ensuring application interoperability. Customers have a choice of the infrastructure model, service levels and cost structure that best meet their needs, while preserving existing investments. Organizations have a choice of how much to virtualize and when and how to move to a hybrid, private or public cloud deployment model.


How We Help

VMware is the ideal partner to bring cloud computing to the enterprise —not just any cloud, but one that addresses their unique challenges. VMware’s approach is not about public, private or hybrid clouds, or even “the cloud,” it is about your cloud—each enterprise’s unique journey to deploy a cloud model that is appropriate for their business needs.

As the leader in virtualization and cloud infrastructure, VMware delivers customer-proven solutions that accelerate IT and thereby accelerate the business, allowing organizations to respond more effectively to IT and business change. Only VMware offers an evolutionary and pragmatic path to the cloud that increases efficiency through utilization and automation, provides agility with control and preserves freedom of choice. VMware solutions help IT organizations achieve lower total cost of ownership (TCO) by minimizing unnecessary IT infrastructure investments, providing efficient management and maintenance tools, and preventing technology lock-in. They enable customers to adopt a more cost-effective, self-managed, dynamically optimized environment for the most efficient delivery of IT services.

With VMware solutions, enterprises can drive new levels of IT agility, and thus drive increased business value through IT. Greater agility enables organizations to grow revenue, reduce costs, mitigate risk and be more responsive. At the same time, VMware solutions allow IT to keep full control over the availability, reliability, scalability, security and SLAs for all workloads. They also ensure secure, managed, application portability between internal datacenters and external VMware vCloud service providers.


VMware Solutions

As organizations adopt cloud computing, they must rethink how they build, run and deliver applications, and how end-users access and use them. VMware solutions help IT teams create a cohesive cloud strategy, by allowing them to weave together all the computing resources that serve their business into a secure, compliant and controlled whole.


Cloud Infrastructure and Management Solutions

VMware cloud infrastructure and management solutions are the foundation for building a cost-effective and secure cloud platform to deploy cloud-ready applications and services. Built on VMware vSphere, these solutions leverage existing investments to help evolve an enterprise IT infrastructure into one that can anticipate and respond to changing IT and business needs—one that is dynamic, scalable, cost-effective and provides control and automation, without disrupting current workloads or creating technology lock-in. By leveraging a common management and security model across private clouds and VMware vCloud public cloud services, these solutions unify private and public cloud resources, making enterprise hybrid cloud computing a reliable, secure reality. Whether delivered publicly, privately or as a hybrid cloud, VMware provides intelligent virtual infrastructure that creates the unique, competitive edge an enterprise needs.


Cloud Application Platform Solutions

VMware cloud application platform solutions enable developers to rapidly build and run modern cloud applications while deploying on premise or off for maximum flexibility. Using these solutions, organizations deliver applications that intelligently leverage underlying infrastructure for the highest application performance, quality of service and resource utilization. Today, more than two million developers worldwide rely on the VMware vFabric to create rich applications that are portable, dynamic, scalable and optimized for cloud-scale deployment, including delivery via popular public cloud offerings such as VMforce and Google App Engine. With VMware, enterprises can optimize the applications they use today and build the ones they’ll need tomorrow.


End-User Computing Solutions

VMware end-user computing solutions create a modern, user-centric approach to personal computing that delivers secure access to applications and data from any device, where and when a user needs it. These solutions leverage virtualization to modernize the desktop so that it can be managed independently in the cloud. Users get secure access to their applications, data and services, from any computing device, including PCs, Macs, thin clients and mobile devices. IT gets the flexibility, cost efficiency and control. VMware also delivers virtualized application suites, such as messaging, email, calendaring and collaboration, with modular. architectures enabling distributed access to data and storage that can be deployed and managed across clouds. VMware empowers the workforce and enables freedom of choice for end users, while making it easier for IT to maintain control and securely manage users and data.


Services and Support

VMware Services and Support, including consulting, account management, training, certification and technical support, accelerate an organization’s return on virtualization and cloud infrastructure investments while mitigating risk. VMware vCloud Consulting Services provide industry-leading expertise to help customers architect, design and validate their cloud strategies, and assist with accelerating their IT infrastructures by integrating cloud computing capabilities. VMware Global Support Services are available in nearly 40 countries and provide customers access to the world’s largest virtualization support organization with the most experience in supporting critical applications in cloud computing and virtualized environments.


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