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Everyone knows that understanding data is the difference between success and failure. It isn’t enough to visualize your data, you need to be able to understand what that data means to you. Spotfire 7 analytics software was specifically designed to make it even easier to drive faster insights.



The following are the some features possessed by spotfire 7 :

  • Automated Guidance: Spotfire 7 guides users to make best-practice visualization choices, driven by its built-in intelligence. Everyone – even analytics newcomers – can create a whole dashboard in just a few seconds and quickly start generating insights.
  • Beautiful Design: Create beautiful dashboards that suit your style and design requirements. With a beautiful, modern user interface and new visual design options including a new dark theme, you can custom-design the look and feel of a Spotfire workspace.
  • Faster Data Exploration: Streamlined user interface elements, with many new data exploration ease-of-use features, support fast, fluid data discovery.


Active Matric Business Work (SOA)

TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks™ 6 is the next-generation of our industry-leading enterprise integration platform. Building on Version 5's ease of use, connectivity, and enterprise readiness, Version 6 adds simplicity of design, an open API, increased developer orientation, in-memory data grid utilization, and OSGi support.

The platform exposes data as real-time events or API services to give you all the support you need to master the constantly evolving enterprise application landscape including:

  • Line-of-business managers adopting cloud applications for standard business functionalities.
  • Customers and employees exchanging data in real time on an ever increasing array of devices.



Highly Productive Environment. Whatever the complexity of the project, developers benefit from the graphical, zero-code-required design experience in an Eclipse IDE. They can connect to many applications without learning new APIs with an extensive list of connectivity products. Using the same development tools, REST services can be created in a matter of minutes.

Open Platform. ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks™ provides an open API so developers can use their standard Java skills to create connectors and components for their projects. These components can be shared and reused by other developers to quickly onboard any new technologies while controlling costs.

Enterprise Ready. Operations teams can automate and control ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks through a rich set of commands or the web interface to streamline the deployment and management of integration processes in a reliable, highly available, and scalable architecture.



  • Increase Enterprise Awareness. The ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks platform accesses data from all technologies in real time and orchestrates services across all channels and devices. It streamlines processes to deliver information in real time and increase awareness of what's happening throughout the enterprise.
  • Move the Needle from Maintenance to Innovation. A simple architecture shifts IT spend from maintaining integrations to innovating for greater business value. The results include lower total cost of ownership by reducing both current development cost and future integration cost.
  • Get to Market Quickly. Productive environments and the complete automation of the platform ensures integration services can be developed and updated in record time.
  • React Faster. The platform provides high availability to deliver the expected mission-critical service levels as well as visibility into real-time contextual data, processes, and notifications for fast reaction to changes.
  • Future Proof with a Complete and Integrated Platform. ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks is the foundation of a suite of TIBCO products for enterprise integration and analysis. It is tightly coupled with TIBCO Spotfire® analytics analytics platform for gaining actionable insight; with TIBCO master data management for improving and verifying data quality; and with TIBCO events processing products for identifying risks and opportunities and taking action in real time.


Businees Event 

In the emerging digital world, where billions of people, things, and devices interact in real time, organizations must create new and disruptive competitive advantages to drive revenue and efficiency. This is new digital business.

TIBCO Event Processing is a key component of its Fast Data platform that delivers on the requirements of digital business, allowing you to:

  • Collect data from various sources
  • Understand the meaning of this data and its context
  • Identify and act on critical business moments

TIBCO BusinessEvents®, an event processing platform, helps you quickly build distributed, stateful, rule-based event processing systems to support instant decision-making and instant actions. With TIBCO BusinessEvents, you can correlate and find the important events in a deluge of data, minimize decision latency, and respond in the moment to bring a favorable business outcome. Consider augmenting your traditional business intelligence or big data strategy with real-time intelligence.



The TIBCO Fast Data Platform consists of intelligent technologies that integrate data from various sources and provide real-time awareness of opportunities and threats. In response to these critical moments, the platform can trigger a preprogrammed action or leverage human insight by putting information in the right hands for decision-making on-the-fly. This is Fast Data, the ability to change what happens next.


Act On Critical Business Moments



Every business has critical business moments, when opportunities need to be identified or threats avoided:

  • Customers walking into your store, who could be incented to buy given your instant SMS offer
  • Problems, changes, or delays in your airline business providing opportunities to proactively engage with passengers
  • Behaviors that signal potential credit card fraud that could be stopped if detected

All of these business moments could produce positive business outcomes if acted on quickly, while their outcomes can still be influenced.

Applications built with TIBCO BusinessEvents® execute a continuous feedback cycle of sense-reason-respond-visualize to process real-time data and minimize decision latency. This is a very important Fast Data concept, much different than the traditional store-analyze-report-act approach.

Data is arriving in real time from hundreds of internal and external sources, including mobile applications, "things," and social media. Data also has shelf life; its value diminishes over time. Detecting and responding to your critical business moments in real time can be a major challenge, but TIBCO BusinessEvents gives you the ability to process events instantly as well as generating actionable insights. Use this real-time intelligence as part of your competitive strategy.


TIBCO BusinessEvents® supports collaborative efforts between IT developers and business professionals by offering multiple levels of rule authoring environments. This enables developers to rapidly create a self-service environment where business users can subsequently influence the behavior of rules without coding or IT involvement.

  • Empowered Developers. TIBCO BusinessEvents makes challenging event-processing applications—such as those requiring distributed state management, intricate state transition logic and rules, and integration with other applications—easier to build. It provides a framework that simplifies the development process so that initiatives can be jump-started with the environment and services required for today's scalable, message-driven, responsive, and elastic systems. With TIBCO BusinessEvents, your organization will never have to build a distributed, rule-based system from scratch; instead, project complexity and development time will be greatly reduced.
  • Empowered Business Users. TIBCO BusinessEvents lets business analysts and data scientists focus on their jobs: capturing business logic and implementing rules. It gives them a single web browser environment with business-user friendly functions. They can also use customized interface for their organization and interact with the system in language used in their business. This usability and self-service capability are critical to the business because they allow changes to be made rapidly in response to dynamic market conditions or competitor actions.
  • Enterprise Ready. TIBCO BusinessEvents provides a number of features that allow your event processing system to be scalable, flexible, distributed, and elastic as business needs dictate. Examples include high connectivity through multi-protocol channel support, multiple persistence options for data recovery, memory management strategies, and a distributed, in-memory data grid with built-in data replication. TIBCO BusinessEvents also supports sharing of real-time state and contextual data on common infrastructure platforms with enhanced data grid security using client authentication, data encryption, and SSL-secured transports.


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