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Through visibility and analytics, RSA solutions give customers the ability to detect, investigate and respond to advanced threats; confirm and manage identities; and ultimately, prevent IP theft, fraud, and cybercrime.

RSA® NetWitness® Logs and Packets

To detect advanced attacks, logs need to be combined with other data types such as network packet, endpoint, and cloud data. RSA Netwitness Logs and Packets discovers attacks missed by log-centric SIEM and signature-based tools with the only solution that can correlate network packets with other security data.



Stand tall against today’s attackers by evolving from a traditional log-centric approach to one with better visibility, analysis, and action.

1. Visibility​​
Eliminate blind spots where threats can take root with visibility across logs, networks, endpoints and cloud data. Inspect every network, packet session, and log event for threat indicators at time of collection with capture time data enrichment. Augment visibility with additional compliance and business context.
2. Analysis
Discover attacks missed by traditional SIEM and signature-based tools with the only solution that can correlate network packets with other security data. Begin finding incidents immediately with out-of-the-box reporting, intelligence, and rules. Capture Time Data Enrichment amplifies the value of your data by generating hundreds of metadata fields that can be used for both detection and investigation.
3. Action
Prioritize investigations and streamline multiple analyst workflows in one tool, enabling incident response and escalation to begin immediately. Understand exactly what is happening, what to do about it and how to prioritize your action. Instantly pivot from incidents into deep endpoint and network packet detail to perform network forensics and understand the true nature and scope of the issue.





RSA NetWitness Endpoint is an endpoint detection and response tool that employs a combination of live memory analysis, continuous behavioral monitoring, and advanced machine learning to detect new and hidden threats that other solutions miss entirely. RSA NetWitness Endpoint helps focus investigations amid thousands of alerts and accelerates response by security teams of all sizes.


  • Gain complete visibility into all of your endpoints, regardless of whether they are on or off your network
  • Continuously monitor endpoints and receive prioritized alerts in real-time
  • Faster root cause analysis reduces time, scope, and cost of incident response
  • Drastically reduce dwell time by rapidly detecting and identifying new and unknown threats
  • More effective and faster prioritization to address real threats
  • Increased resolution rate with reduced time-to-remediation for incidents
  • More completely understand the full scope of the attack across endpoints and network with the RSA NetWitness Suite


​RSA Archer Governance, Risk, and Compliance

Harness Risk, Fuel Your Enterprise

In today’s competitive market, risks are changing dramatically and are increasingly more complex. RSA Archer empowers organizations to manage multiple dimensions of risk on one configurable, integrated platform.

  1. IT and Security Risk Management

To address the complex digital risks today, your organization must establish business context and policies for IT and security and manage IT risks, vulnerabilities, and security incidents

  1. Enterprise and Operational Risk Management

Bring risk information together from siloed risk repositories to identify, assess, evaluate, treat, and monitor risks in one central solution.

  1. Regulatory and Corporate Compliance

An integrated approach ensures controls are defined, implemented and measured to meet constantly changing compliance obligations.

  1. Audit Management

A consistent, risk-based approach drives greater efficiency in the execution of your audit program.

  1. Business Resiliency

An integrated approach to business resiliency will lessen the impact of disruptions and crisis events on your organization.

  1. Third Party Governance

Manage your third party relationships and engagements while reducing risks and monitoring performance.

  1. Public Sector Solutions

Leverage people, process, and technology to build an integrated approach to Assessment & Authorization, Continuous Monitoring and overall risk management.

  1. GRC Platform

Common taxonomies, processes, and data stores streamline risk and compliance functions in your business, ensuring risk is managed effectively and efficiently.



A smarter way to secure today’s extended enterprises

The first Smart Identity solution that protects from endpoint to cloud

RSA Via is different. It is the first Smart Identity solution that helps enterprises protect identities from the endpoint to the cloud.

Unlike today’s solutions:

  • RSA Via relies on context, not just static rules, so it can adapt quickly to constant environmental changes
  • RSA Via is business-driven, so informed decisions keep it in lock-step with the business as it evolves
  • RSA Via enables comprehensive visibility across traditional silos, providing greater insight into how users and information interact
  • RSA Via delivers consumer level usability, making lives easier for end users while enabling the business



RSA Via Access


Enables secure and convenient user access

With RSA Via Access, organizations can:

  • Apply the same highly secure access levels for SaaS and mobile apps that you already provide for on-premises applications.
  • Confidently access SaaS applications from any device located inside or outside your network, while sensitive user credentials stay safe on-premises.
  • Speed user access to applications with a frictionless user experience.
  • Provide user friendly step-up authentication options from the user’s own device.
  • Govern access using context sensitivity policies that look at application type, location of user and more


RSA Via Lifecycle


Simplifies and automates the access request process

With RSA Via Lifecycle, organizations can:

  • Provide a business-relevant, easy-to-use service for requesting and approving access.
  • Execute user access changes rapidly and reliably, across all key applications – whether on premise or SaaS – without manual effort.
  • Orchestrate the entire access request, approval, and provisioning process.
  • Enforce policies and ensure sustainable access compliance through preventative controls, enforced at the time of access request.
  • Efficiently onboard or transfer users, ensuring that users quickly obtain appropriate access through suggested entitlements based on similar users’ attributes and job roles.
  • Connect quickly to commercial or custom applications via configuration-based adapters, avoiding long and expensive deployment projects.
  • Leverage existing provisioning systems instead of ripping and replacing them.


RSA Via Governance


Centrally manages and governs access

With RSA Via Governance, organizations can:

  • Gain enterprise-wide visibility into all user access privileges.
  • Identify orphan user accounts and remediate inappropriate user access.
  • Engage the line of business for user access review and certification processes.
  • Manage and audit all entitlement changes through integration with enterprise-wide access fulfillment and enforcement systems.
  • Implement security and compliance controls such as segregation of duties and ensure that policy and control objectives have been met to provide evidence of compliance.
  • Deploy efficient and consistent processes around lifecycle events.


RSA SecurID™

World-leading two-factor authentication

More than 25,000 organizations depend on RSA SecurID to protect over 400 on-premises resources including VPNs, firewalls, virtual desktops and Windows or Linux servers. Now, by operating RSA Via Access and RSA SecurID together, companies can seamlessly use their SecurID authenticators to protect cloud-based SaaS applications like Workday, Office 365, Google Apps, SalesForce and Box.


RSA Adaptive Authentication

Balance security and usability for strong authentication

RSA Adaptive Authentication is a risk-based authentication and fraud detection platform that protects users accessing web sites and portals. Available as a SaaS or on-premise solution, Adaptive Authentication combines strong authentication, emerging threat protection, flexibility and confidence in one product to address consumer identity assurance.


RSA ​Fraud Prevention


RSA Fraud Prevention solutions help organizations protect their customers - from the Web to the mobile device - against advanced cybercrime threats.

Prevent phishing, malware, rogue mobile apps, and other cybercrime threats that target online and mobile users

Detect cyber threats across Web and mobile applications with advanced behavioral analytics.

Identify high-risk logins and fraudulent transactions with risk-based authentication.

Protect 3D Secure e-commerce transactions without impacting users.

Gain deep intelligence on prolific cybercrime rings and the latest advanced attacks.

The RSA Fraud Intelligence Resource Center provides information and expertise on the latest advanced threats and cybercrime trends.


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