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What is Ivanti?

Ivanti is where IT goes to get work done. You need to make sure that John—who hasn’t worked for you since late 2014—can’t keep logging into your software. You must protect your organization from security threats, reduce logon times, track your IT assets, keep the user experience clean, and deliver IT service to your users more quickly. You also need to make sure supply chain and warehouse teams are perfectly tuned.

From IT asset, patch, and systems management to IT service delivery and security, Ivanti is in the trenches with you. We help you succeed at your job.



Ivanti Insight

Ivanti Insight powered by AppSense helps IT identify desktop issues before they become serious problems. It tracks critical KPIs like logon times, user profile size and application, CPU, and memory usage, so IT can make informed decisions that optimize desktop environments and reduce desktop management costs.

Insight also helps IT reduce risk by identifying users with full administrative rights, suspicious behavior on endpoints, and more.




Virtual appliance, web-based console.


Lightweight and powerful agent.


Quick access to key metrics.


Install in 10 minutes.


Transform the desktop experience 

• Spot the causes of slow logons 

• Detect profile bloat 

• Pinpoint applications causing CPU and RAM spikes 

• Learn who uses applications and who installed them, when and where 

• Anticipate the user impact of removing administrative privileges 

• Ascertain how many employees and devices use each Windows OS version 

• Discover which systems have local admin accounts and who they are 

• Identify what and where data is stored on user endpoints 

• Identify applications blocked by Ivanti Application Manager 

• Audit privileged use of application and Windows system components 

Insight tracks critical end-user computing KPIs 

• User logons

• User profiles

• Elevated privilege usage • Application installations

• Application usage

• CPU usage

• Memory usage

• Windows platforms

• Desktop delivery

• Local administrators

• System uptime

• User data

• Deep reporting on Ivanti DataNow 




Single source of truth with simple yet powerful dashboards

You wrestle separate IT systems and cross-reference data manually—all for one report. It takes time and resources for sure. But there's a better way with the Xtraction—the self-service, real-time dashboard reporting software.

It consolidates data from multiple sources and tools and presents it in one place. Pre-built data connectors mean no coding, no BI gurus, and definitely no spreadsheets. View your data in context and make smarter, faster decisions with ease.


Access Fast, User-Centric Reporting 

Immediate access to performance data—combined with meaningful business values such as nancial impact data— reduces time to action. Because Xtraction targets a user’s role, anyone can create reports or business dashboards speci c to their role or target audience in minutes. The solution reduces dependency on specialized staff and increases user productivity. Xtraction alerting sends you a dashboard of information automatically when something occurs that you need to know about.

Intuitive Interface 

An easy-to-use interface enables anyone to create reports by drag-and-drop or point-and-click actions. Users simply select a data source and the desired output format for a dashboard view that suits the intended audience, and Xtraction does the rest. Available on iPads and web browsers so you can provide up-to-the minute data—anywhere, anytime. 

Connect Data Silos 

The solution goes beyond simple one-source data import. Unify and cross-reference data from service management, asset management, client management, and other data sources in a single view to provide a level of analysis not available from standard IT reports. 

Visualize Data Your Way 

Monitor critical information in real-time through an auto-refresh function. Alternatively, visualize point-in-time data on dashboards in various formats such as pie, bar, or line charts, or export to popular le formats. Schedule report delivery times that suit you. 

Drill Down for Detail 

Xtraction doesn’t stop at at dashboard views. Users can drill down and lter results to focus on points of interest or areas of concern. Alternatively, with the right access, they can open a record in the underlying application. 

Data Access without Risk 

Role-based access ensures you maintain secure control over who sees your business data. Xtraction includes integrated authentication with Active Directory for secure access that doesn’t impact user productivity. 

Rapid Implementation Using Pre-de ned Data Sources 

We’ve done the heavy lifting so you don’t have to. More than 50 pre-de ned data models are available for enterprise applications as well as popular relational databases. Contact us for a complete list. 


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