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InMotion (3Dolphins)

3Dolphins is a solution to improve customer digital experience where marketing, sales and service can create an ecosystem with customer-centric approach.

Solutions Offer:

1. Marketing SRM

- Schedule broadcast: Get the content distributed timely

- Fallback broadcast: When messages are failed to be sent, you can set the notification to stay in the know.

- Personal or bulk broadcast: Send message by per person or customized list of group.

- Configure profile: You can set the detailed profile about your company.

- Overview message: Review your message before send them away.

- Inquiry contact: We help you to check the contact validity.

- Download report: Save the details and analytics of your campaigns.

- Submit and status template: Create and track your content approval inside the dashboard.

- APIs access: Integrate with third-party system easily with our open API

- Schedule social media post: We won't let you slip away any campaign schedule you've made.


1. Chatbot SRM untuk coversation 24/7 untuk melayani customer dan memberikan servis lewat chat.

Dealing with customers' transactional inquiries might be exhausting and reducing our focus in maintaining great communication with those who are more potential. Provide better communication with Conversational Automation through Chatbot.


2. Sales SRM 

- Deals automation: Our flexibility lets you see which works and which takes a long time without bothering to track each manually.

- Deals analytic dashboard: Look at the insights of what your team has done in the progress of the sales.

- Rotten deals and reminder: Don't let your deals rot! We remind you when your deal idles too long.

- Task management: Get your team focus on the things that matters.

- Easy integration to any system with ProcessFlow: Enrich your accessibility in customer journey with Process Flow integrations.

- Single sign On: Log in quicker and more secure using SSO. We support SAML 2.0 & LDAP

- Available on mobile app: All are available on your mobile phone


3. Service SRM untuk melakukan booking ticket dari CS menuju ke tim yang related dengan kasus

- Supports 20+ channels: We connect you through 20+ channels to serve customers.

- Ticket analytic dashboard: Get on the ticketing flow with analytic tickets dashboard.

- Ticket automation: Automate your tickets to eliminate repetitive works.

- Single sign on: Log in quicker and more secure using SSO. We support SAML 2.0 & LDAP.

- Service hour & SLA management: Set the service hours and manage SLA for the team's KPI.

- NPS survey: The tools to record all data analysis of your customer’s satisfaction feedback.

- APIs access: API Connect offers multi-layered security and can move information through a single gateway using some of the highest levels of encryption.

- Easy integration to any system with ProcessFlow: The simple way to translating codes into nodes enables you to overview the end-to-end process of source enrichment for a bot in a simple interface.

- Advanced ticket distribution system: A powerful feature that allows you to create rules for handling tickets automatically.

- Available on mobile app: All are available on your mobile phone

Any information needed, you can contact our team at:

PT. Virtus Technology Indonesia
(a Member of CTI Group)
Centennial Tower 12th Floor
Jl. Jend. Gatot Subroto Kav. 24-25
Jakarta, 12930, Indonesia
Phone: +6221 80622288
Fax: +6221 80622289
Email: marketing@virtusindonesia.com

Branch Office:
Graha SA, 8th Floor
Jl. Raya Gubeng 19-21
Surabaya, 60281, Indonesia


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