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​SynXchro Digitaltransformasi Indonesia is one of the business units of the Credo Group. Established in 2019 and is engaged in information technology in the provision of services between systems and data integration platforms universally. SynXchro is software that functions as a data integration platform between information systems that can work comprehensively on various operating systems, database management, as well as data formats and structures, both intra and inter-organizational, with a strict level of data security but still maintains ease of use. implementation and operation.


Data Synchronization Platform

SynXchro Data Synchronization Platform is a reliable solution to fulfil consolidation, distribution and integrations data needs in effective and efficient way. A new innovation that combines the function of consolidation, distribution and integration of data into a set of fully integrated system. SynXchro easily handles integration among various databases, consolidates all data you need, and transforms it into a useful format. “spend less time gathering data, so you have more time performing data analysis”.

SynXchro can be used to perform the exchange of different types of data sources including: Oracle Database, Microsoft SQL Server, Firebird, Microsoft Excel, PostgresSQL, File Transfer (sync,copy, move), IBM DB2, Sybase, Microsoft Access, CSV, Mysql and any other data base that supports JDBC. 

Features DSP:

  1. Multi Database Connection: Simultaneous connectivity to wide variety of databases (Oracle, MS SQ Server, MS Access, My SQL, PostgreSQL, Maria DB, DB2, SAP Hana, MongoDB, Derby, Sybase, Sybase IQ, Dbase3, Btrieve, and other local databases).
  2. Data Crawling: Extract information from any public or secured web applications, web services or desktop applications including CAPTCHA secured applications.
  3. Data Transformation:
    • Data transformation across different databases type. For example, Oracle to DB2, Excel or PostgreSQL.
    • Data transfer between RDBMS, flat-file to RDBMS and vice versa.
    • File transfer per folder / Directory.
  4. Data Security: Implements end to end encryption with 1024-bit RSA or stronger keys.
  5. Network Agent: Gain access to remote databases or file system over public network with the help of agent installation system.
  6. Agent to Agent Routing: Secure data exchange between multiple remote sites directly using public network.
  7. WAN Optimization: Secure data compression, bandwidth control and transfer resume to achieve smooth transfer over slow, unreliable and unsecure public network.
  8. Control Centre & Monitoring: Provides a centralized web-based interface for setting, configuration and monitoring all operations related to data consolidation and distribution as well as providing data access (database, files, folders) which is the data source and data target.
  9. Checkpoint & Resume: Support automatic resume of broken connections to avoid repeating previously sent data parts, and checkpoints tools to help synchronize data incrementally.
  10. Job Scheduling: Advanced job scheduling management with complex serial / parallel controls and comprehensive timing options.
  11. Operating System: Supports various Operating Systems such as Linux, Unix Solaris, Aix, Microsoft Windows, MAC OS, and so on.


API Management Platform

SynXchro API Management Platform is an application program that provides functions of supplying and accessing API / Web Service easily, fast, safe, effective and efficient for the needs of integration and interoperability of the system. In providing API / Web Service, SynXchro API Management Platform can also access sources and target data through WAN / LAN. 

Features AMP:

  1. Monitoring and Analytic:
    • Traffic monitoring
    • Service health dashboard
    • Transaction audit with fully visible request logs
  2. Flexibility Development: In the developed API, every logic contained, both simple and complex, can be quickly implemented with the ease of javascript scripting.
  3. Composite API endpoint: Able to compose multiple data source to a single consumer view Endpoint.
  4. API Security: Consumer authentication, Service authorization, IP Whitelist.
  5. Data Source Flexibility: SynchroTM API Gateway uses its core functionality to access multiple data source and simply publish it on an API Endpoint.
  6. Quota and Traffic Throttling: Limit the number of requests an API consumer can send to your API Endpoint within a specific time period.


Document Management Platform

SynXchro Document Management Platform is an application program that can be modified quickly to adjust the requirements of document management systems that can fully integrate with other information systems. 

Features DMP:

  1. Identification: Identify the format, size, number and construction of source digital document file naming.
  2. Sorting: Sorting the document until the document is ready for the scanning process.
  3. SCAN: Perform a document scan.
  4. OCR: The system will perform the OCR process automatically for the image file that has been classified.
  5. Classification: Perform document classification by mapping the document type to each scanned image file.
  6. Completion: User interface metada input for each document classification result.
  7. Archiving: Archiving into a storage location in accordance with the specified archive management.
  8. Indexing: The system will perform a full text index of all OCR results for the purpose of searching for a text.
  9. Integration: The system will integrate metadata, full text index database, and digitized files into Big Data and existing system.
  10. Access: User interface access for document and full text index.


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