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Visibility Fabric Architecture

Gigamon provides intelligent Traffic Visibility Networking solutions for enterprises, data centers and service providers around the globe. Our technology empowers infrastructure architects, managers and operators with unmatched visibility into the traffic traversing both physical and virtual networks without affecting the performance or stability of the production environment.

Through patented technologies, the Gigamon GigaVUE® portfolio of high availability and high-density products intelligently delivers the appropriate network traffic to security, monitoring or management systems. With over seven years’ experience designing and building intelligent traffic visibility products in the US, Gigamon serves the vertical market leaders of the Fortune 1000 and has an install base spanning 40 countries. 

At Gigamon we realized that delivering the visibility essential to operate, secure and maintain complex networks requires a new approach. With millions of traffic flows, thousands of events and hundreds of changes occurring within the infrastructure on a daily basis, visibility needs to be pervasive, it needs to intelligent, and it needs to be dynamic. It needs to be able to understand the criticality and priority of traffic and recognize when specific traffic is significant to more than just one management system. It needs to be able to see across the boundary of physical and virtual and into the cloud providing the clarity needed to secure, maintain, and support both physical and virtualized services and applications. The Visibility Fabric architecture is an innovative solution that delivers pervasive and dynamic visibility of traffic traversing communication networks.


The Unified Visibility Fabric™ is an innovative solution that delivers pervasive and Active Visibility of network traffic across communication networks. A Unified Visibility Fabric can address the monitoring challenges facing today’s IT organizations by helping to:

  • Extend Visibility: Bridge islands of physical, virtual, and eventually SDN/NFV worlds with end-to-end visibility for tools across enterprise, data center, cloud, and service provider infrastructure. This unified management model allows rapid visibility into infrastructure blind spots by providing a common fabric for IT operations management tools such as security, APM, NPM, and others.
  • Respond Dynamically: Modify network traffic out-of-band and add tools without impacting the production network. This architecture will provide an open environment through a set of forthcoming APIs and SDKs to be developed by Gigamon to address “just-in-time” responsiveness to real-time events that occur within the network through automation and orchestration.
  • Improve ROI: Control traffic to avoid oversubscription, extend the life of existing tools and ensure that the tools used to manage, analyze and secure the network receive the critical information they require to realize their full potential.
  • Reduce Costs: Centralize tools into a “Unified Tool Rail” to reduce CAPEX; simplify management to reduce OPEX with a flexible policy engine that enables parallel monitoring policies to serve multiple departments simultaneously.
  • Enable Scale: Invest in a solution that can grow to address future needs as your network grows from 1Gb to 10Gb, 40Gb, or 100Gb, and evolves from physical to virtual to SDN and NFV environments.


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