5 (Virtual Machine) VM Management Strategies to Protect Valuable Company Assets

5 (Virtual Machine) VM Management Strategies to Protect Valuable Company Assets

Virtual Machines (VM) have become one of the key components in modern corporate IT infrastructure. VMs enable companies to optimize resource use and operational flexibility. 

However, managing a VM environment can often be a complex task. If VM management is not done well, it can have a significant negative impact on the company's IT infrastructure. 

So, are you curious about the impacts of poor VM management and what is the right strategy to overcome the complexity of VM management? For complete details, see the following article. 

The Impact of Poor VM Management 

Poor management of virtual machines (VMs) in a company's IT infrastructure can have serious repercussions. When VMs are not managed properly, several negative impacts can arise, including: 

Operational Efficiency Decreases

Managing a large and complex VM environment can be a tedious task. It requires significant effort and time to manage VMs manually. A good VM management solution can optimize operations and reduce administrative workload. 

Reduced Downtime and Limited Scalability

VMs that are not managed properly are susceptible to damage and failure, which can result in downtime that is detrimental to business operations. Additionally, limited scalability can hinder a company's ability to grow quickly. 

Increased Security Risk

Disorganized VMs can be a weak entry point for cyberattacks. Poor security and compliance can provide opportunities for security threats to attack a company's IT infrastructure. 

5 Effective VM Management Strategies

Quoted from various sources, there are several ways you can use to handle the complexity of managing Virtual Machines (VM). Here are some ways to overcome this complexity. 

1. VM Consolidation and Classification

Identify inactive or unnecessary VMs. Additionally, manage VMs of the same type in a uniform manner to minimize configuration variations and simplify maintenance. 

2. Automation of Routine Tasks

Automate routine tasks such as scheduling backups, monitoring VM health, and software updates. This will reduce the administrative burden and ensure that these tasks are performed consistently. 

3. Implementation of Standards and Policies

Set standards for VM management, including security and governance policies. Ensure that all VMs comply with this standard to reduce vulnerabilities. 

4. Proactive Monitoring and Reporting

Use monitoring tools to proactively monitor VM health. Identify problems before they become large and have the potential to disrupt business operations. 

5. Use of Appropriate VM Management Tools 

Choose the appropriate VM management tool for your needs. For example, strategic collaboration between VMware vSphere, NSX-T, Rubrik, and Palo Alto Firewall solutions provides a comprehensive approach to achieving security and addressing the complexity of managing your VMs and network. 

So, what are VMware, Palo Alto, and Rubrik and why the collaboration of the three is the right choice in managing your company's virtualization environment. The following is a detailed explanation. 

VMware (vSphere and NSX-T)

VMware is one of the leaders in the virtualization industry. The integration between VMware's vSphere and NSX-T provides benefits such as centralized visibility into your virtual environment, allowing you to monitor and manage all aspects of your VMs and network from a single dashboard. 

Additionally, NSX-T has micro-segmentation capabilities that allow you to create highly detailed security policies, reducing the attack surface, and ensuring secure communication between VMs. 

Rubric (Data Protection and Recovery)

Rubrik is an efficient data management platform for protecting VMs. The benefits of Rubrik include enhanced VM data protection with an efficient backup and recovery solution. By combining Rubrik's capabilities with VMware's snapshot and replication features, organizations can achieve strong data resilience. 

Palo Alto (Firewall) 

Palo Alto Firewall is a leading firewall solution that enhances network security by adding an additional layer of protection. It seamlessly integrates with VMware's NSX-T to enforce security policies based on real-time threat intelligence, creating a robust and self-defending network. 

Palo Alto Firewall leverages threat intelligence sources to identify and stop emerging threats. Integration with VMware enhances threat detection by providing contextual information about VMs and applications. 

Benefits of VMware (vSphere, NSX-T) x Rubrik x Palo Alto (Firewall) Solution Integration 


Here are some of the benefits when your company implements VMware (vSphere, NSXT), Rubrik and Palo Alto (Firewall) to manage your company's VM infrastructure. 

Unified Visibility and Control

The integration of VMware vSphere, NSX-T, and Palo Alto Firewall provides unified visibility across your virtual environment. This allows you to monitor and control all aspects of your VMs and network from a central point. 

Data Protection and Recovery

Rubrik, supported by VMware, offers powerful data protection solutions, including efficient backup and recovery. Palo Alto Firewall adds an extra layer of security to safeguard your data at rest and during operations. 

Automatic Security Policy 

The integration of NSX-T with Palo Alto Firewall enables automated security policy creation based on real-time threat intelligence, establishing a self-defending network. 

Threat Intelligence Integration

Palo Alto Firewall employs threat intelligence to detect and thwart emerging threats. VMware integration enhances threat detection by providing contextual insights into VMs and applications. 

By adopting a robust VM management strategy and integrating solutions from VMware, Rubrik, and Palo Alto, you can fortify your company's IT infrastructure security, reduce risks, and improve operational efficiency. Strong virtual security is essential for maintaining business continuity in today's digital era. 

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Author: Ary Adianto 
Content Writers CTI Group 

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