Linkyfi Marketing Management Features with Ruckus WiFi 6 Technology

Linkyfi Marketing Management Features with Ruckus WiFi 6 Technology

WiFi access has now become one of the most main important factors to consider for businesses want to attract new customers. Many public places, including as parks, retail malls, and public transportation, now provide free Wi-Fi to its customers.

Businesses, on the other hand, can utilize WiFi to collect customer data and ensure that their marketing plans are on target. WiFi can also assist enterprises in mining data in order to make sound judgments, capitalize on commercial marketing opportunities, and establish smart city implementation plans.

Businesses can now use WiFi as a crucial instrument for marketing efforts thanks to the WiFi marketing platform. Ruckus as a manufacturer of wired and wireless network devices and software complements WiFi 6 technology which can be integrated with Linkyfi's marketing management features. How well does Ruckus Wifi 6 technology, which comes with marketing management features to help your business grow?

Faster Data Access on WiFi 6 Technology

Due to sluggish speeds, WiFi 5 technology (802.11 ac) is no longer considered to fit consumer demands. WiFi 6 (802.11 ax) is a new wireless standard that can help businesses develop networks that suit their specific needs while also addressing the flaws of WiFi 5.

When compared to conventional WiFi, WiFi 6 is faster and more powerful during peak load. When streaming 4K video and accessing AR/VR content, WiFi 6 will increase capacity so that it is not constrained.

WiFi 6's 1024-QAM technology allows for higher data rates (throughput) to deal with access point congestion. Here are four sectors that require high-speed WiFi:

- Public spaces, including exhibition halls and sports stadiums, in order to enhance audience and fan interaction.

- Passenger public transportation, including at stations, terminals, and bus stops.

- IoT and smart cities, in order to process a large volume of communication between devices simultaneously.

- Education, including libraries, auditoriums, and classrooms at schools and universities to support video-based education.

The Advantages of the Latest Generation WiFi 6 from Ruckus

Ruckus introduces WiFi 6, the latest generation of WiFi, which delivers a number of benefits over prior generations, including quicker and more powerful connectivity. Here are four benefits of Ruckus' latest generation of WiFi 6:

- Support mobile connectivity requirements in terms of bandwidth, capacity, and capabilities comparing to WiFi 5 (802.1 ac).

- Ideal for busy areas with several users or devices that require rapid immersed connectivity.

- Up to 4x faster network performance than

- WiFi 6 (802.11ax) has such a greater capacity to accommodate multiple users and IoT devices.

- WiFi transition to deterministic wireless technology is more reliable.

- Power-saving features have been improved.

Linkyfi Marketing Management Feature on Ruckus WiFi

Ruckus introduces WiFi 6 devices for faster and powerful than WiFi 5 technology. Moreover, Ruckus connects WiFi 6 devices to the Linkyfi marketing management platform. The marketing management tools of Linkyfi may collect a lot of data, including personal information, online activity, and how long you've been connected.

Linkyfi is not only compatible with WiFi 6 devices, but it can also be used with other WiFi devices. This information can also be used as a marketing engine or integrated with an external CRM. The following are three major advantages of Linkyfi WiFi management:

Monetization Over WiFi

In addition to free WiFi, Linkyfi provides a variety of subscription alternatives for more in-depth access. On captive portals and landing pages, there is also space for monetizable advertisements.

Insights from Visitor

Personal data collection, internet activity, and the amount of time spent connected to WiFi can all be utilized to help tailor marketing to a specific market.

Marketing made Simple

Linkyfi's sophisticated marketing engine allows it to instantly contact specific audiences via personalized emails, customer loyalty campaigns, and interactiveness promo notifications.

Linkyfi Featured Features

- WiFi monetization options abound

- Multitasking

- WiFi reports and analytics

- Over connecting alert

- Data on connection duration and location

- Comparative reporting

Get Ruckus Solutions from Virtus

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