PowerProtect Backup Appliances Provide Your Enterprise Data Backup Solution!

PowerProtect Backup Appliances Provide Your Enterprise Data Backup Solution!

Data backup is no longer a new term in the digital era. Even, there are still many companies that do not realize the importance of backup data.

For example, the fire incident at Cyber Building 1 floor 2 Kuningan Barat, South Jakarta on Thursday 2 December 2021, this incident caused the data stored on the company's hardware and website to be down and lost due to fire.

From this incident, we should understand that the data we have at any time can be lost, whether due to a virus, damaged from the device, or disrupted due to an unpredictable disaster. For more details, see the following article.

What is Data Backup?

Data backup is the process of duplicating, copying data or files from one device or storage media to secondary media, such as flash drives, external hard drives, cloud systems or other media, which is done offline or online.

By backing up data, when one of the storage media is damaged, lost, or infected with a virus, the important data you have will not be lost or damaged.

Thus, data backup in the company is needed, because unexpected events can occur at any time.

The Importance of Implementing Data Backup for Your Business

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Data loss can happen in any way. Just because you're lucky you haven't experienced data loss, doesn't mean you'll always be lucky.

Common causes of data loss can occur due to employee negligence, stolen, hardware damage, or disasters that can occur at any time such as floods, fires, or a spilled cup of coffee.

Unfortunately, many companies still have the mind to keep important data in one place and underestimate data backup. Here are five reasons why you need data backup, quoted from The Wall Street Journal:

1. Unexpected Disaster

No one can predict when disaster will come. Disasters such as fires and floods have proven to be one of the scourges for a company's IT infrastructure that can cause data loss.

2. Damage to HDD/SSD

HDD or SSD are often used to store large amounts of data. However, it is possible that the data you save can be lost when there is damage to your HDD or SSD.

3. Virus or Malware Attack

Virus attacks can occur at any time without being predictable. Starting from phishing, brute force, and ransomware. Therefore, data backup is the right step to maintain the security of your data.

4. Human Error

Things that might happen are accidentally deleting data when employees are fiddling with settings or carelessness when they want to clean certain data.

5. Hackers

In addition to viruses, hackers can attack your personal data. Even if you have stored your data securely, there is still potential for your data to be easily accessed by hackers.

5 Benefits of Implementing Data Backup in Your Company


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Well, if your company is disciplined in performing data backups, then there are several benefits that can be obtained, quoted from Dell Technologies.

1. Recovery Plan or Restore Data

Perform this step as a preventive measure against lost files or corrupted data or restore to a previous condition.

2. File Access

Provides easy access to files quickly. Availability of data quickly after security incidents such as hardware failure, application error, and so on.

3. Protects from Loss Power

Protects the device from power loss. Without realizing it, your computer is vulnerable to various damages, such as disasters, power outages, thereby damaging the performance of the computer hard drive.

4. Restoring the Operating System

Computer damage can occur because the operating system fails to process various programs that continue to grow every time. So, doing data backup is considered more efficient to secure your data from operating system failure.

5. Easy Data Transfer

Facilitate the transfer of data to the destination where it is needed. For example, if the head office experiences a natural disaster, the data can be transferred to a disaster recovery site.

To experience the benefits of data backup, your company needs a good data backup infrastructure solution. Not just storing data, but must be a safe, fast, and easy to operate storage container like the PowerProtect Backup Appliances solution offered by Dell Technologies.

PowerProtect Backup Appliances Provide Your Enterprise Data Backup Solution!

Dell Technologies introduces PowerProtect Backup Appliances, a next-generation domain data protection storage device that enables enterprises to protect, manage, and recover data at scale required in a variety of IT environments.

Dell Technologies also announced a number of updates to Dell EMC Cyber Recovery, now renamed Dell EMC PowerProtect Cyber Recovery, and updates to Dell EMC PowerProtect Software, which will help you increase cyber resilience and support data backup with PowerProtect Backup Appliances.

With PowerProtect Backup Appliances, you can prepare yourself with a solution that supports growing data needs and is able to quickly restore systems in the event of a breakdown, and maintain business values and innovation through secure flows to existing data sets.

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Get PowerProtect Backup Appliances for Data Backup Solution from Virtus

Virtus as an authorized distributor of Dell Technologies in Indonesia offers PowerProtect Backup Appliances solutions for routine data backups, enabling your company to protect, manage, and restore data at scale required in various IT environments.

To implement the PowerProtect Backup Appliances solution, Virtus will assist you every step of the way, from consultation to post-sale support. By collaborating with us, you don't have to waste time and resources figuring out what works and what doesn't when implement a solution for a backup and recovery plan. For more information, contact us at marketing@virtusindonesia.com.

Writer: Ary Adianto

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