The Advantages of Modern Database and How It Can Optimize Application Development

The Advantages of Modern Database and How It Can Optimize Application Development

Do you find it challenging to improve the quality of your app in terms of performance, consistency, and resilience, particularly if you work as an app developer? If your answer is yes, this means that you do not have the best application modernization approach. If you keep making this error, the application development process will be slowed and the timeline will be disrupted. Rest assured, you can utilize an adaptable solution, which is to take use of the advantages of a modern database, that may also serve as the cornerstone of a modern application platform.

Modern databases are now required for developers to guarantee their supply chain software functions effectively and safely from the application development stage to production. To accelerate application development and delivery cycles, you can employ modern database solutions from YugabyteDB and VMware Tanzu that give a consistent experience across Kubernetes deployments.

Before we delve into the capabilities and benefits of modern YugabyteDB and VMware Tanzu database solutions, let's first define what a database is and what it can do for you. More info can be found in the following article.

How do Databases Work?

functions of database

A database, according to its function, is a collection of data owned by a business and utilized for purposes such as application development. Here are some database functions that developers might find.

  • Sorting and categorizing data and information to make it easier to understand.
  • Prevents data duplication and inconsistency.
  • Easy steps for data storage, access, updating, and deletion.
  • Protect the data and information quality based on the input.
  • Make the process of storing big amounts of data easier.
  • Helps in building up in improving the performance of data-intensive applications.

What Are the Benefits of Database

Databases have a number of benefits that can help developers optimize their application development. 

No Data Redundancy

Redundancy is the occurrence of many of the same data in different files, in this case the database can minimize data redundancy.

Maintain Data Integrity

The database can maintain high data integrity, so it can maintain the level of accuracy, accessibility, consistency, and quality of data.

Easier Data Sharing

With a database, users can share data more easily and securely.

Data Security

The database also ensures optimal data security, and users can even enter access codes for inaccessible data.

Easier Data Access

With a database, users can facilitate data access because all data is managed and arranged properly.

Modern Database Solution from YugabyteDB and VMware Tanzu

You no longer need to struggle with developing modern applications. Cloud native developers can quickly design and upgrade mission-critical transactional applications that require scalability, performance, consistency, and resilience with modern database solutions from YugabyteDB and VMware Tanzu.

YugabyteDB's distributed and developer-friendly offerings are also the ideal complement to VMware Tanzu's supported application modernization strategy. Their combined capabilities can also be used in a variety of use cases, including mission-critical microservices, streaming and edge applications, and geo-distributed workloads.


The Advantages of Modern Database Solution from YugabyteDB and VMware Tanzu

advantages of modern database

Apart from modernization, solutions from YugabyteDB and VMware Tanzu bring a number of advantages.

Ideal Combination

By leveraging VMware Tanzu and YugabyteDB, developers can pair modern databases with their application modernization methods. This combination unlocks end-to-end scalability, performance, and resiliency from their applications to the data layer and to their cloud options.

Simplify Production Line in Spring

Spring is a Java development framework that millions of developers around the world use to build their applications. With the VMware Tanzu Application Platform, Tanzu's latest offering, this solution can simplify the path to production for developers by providing an application-savvy and modular platform that can run on any public cloud or on-premises Kubernetes cluster as appropriate.

YugabyteDB also provides a distributed and transactional SQL database for developers who develop applications using Spring and Tanzu Application Platform. Take, for example, YugabyteDB can leverage Spring's capabilities around transaction management, particularly in geo-distributed scenarios.

Smooth OLTP Database Access

For developers working on VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid or on vSphere with Tanzu distribution, the general requirement is an Online Transaction Processing or OLTP, that allows processing of data related to simultaneous and concurrent transactions.

With YugabyteDB, developers have access to cloud native OLTP databases that can be deployed seamlessly directly on the Tanzu Kubernetes Grid. By using the PostgreSQL front end, any developer familiar with PostgreSQL will automatically be productive on their first day.

Freedom of Deployment

Just like Tanzu, YugabyteDB also offers options, where users have the freedom to deploy YugabyteDB across the entire cloud, be it public, private, or hybrid. In addition, YugabyteDB is also a proven solution capable of running demanding enterprise-class workloads in several large global companies, such as Walmart, Kroger, and Schwab.

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Get YugabyteDB and VMware Tanzu Modern Database Solutions from Virtus

As an official partner of Yugabyte and VMware, Virtus Technology Indonesia offers modern database solutions to help your business develop modern applications with the best quality and dependability, so that it always meets user needs and optimizes their experience. 

In implementing this solution, Virtus will assist you at every step, from consultation to post-sale support. By collaborating with us, you don't have to waste time and resources figuring out what works and what doesn't when deploying modern database solutions. For more information, contact us at

Author: Jeko Iqbal Reza

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